William Pacholski


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Growing up in art conservatory environments I am passionate about bringing the same attention, discipline, and focus to the craft and art of being psychic. Just as I learned in music, writing, and acting/theater - raw talent only gets you so far; attention to craft and honing your passion is where the greatest rewards lie as an artist - and as a psychic.

In 2015, after stints in Chicago, New York, San Francisco, and Minneapolis I left a successful career as a Producer and Director and moved to the Pacific Northwest, starting Portland Psychic School, which offers psychic development classes and training programs, in an Art School/Conservatory setting that focuses on artistic discipline, focus, technique - and most importantly practical experience as the best teacher.



Professional Reading & Healing Appointments

Session rates are good May 2019 - October 2019 and are subject to change.

If you have a booking code, please contact me via email with your preferred reading time and I will make the appointment for you at the appropriate rate. With Questions about booking, you can reach William at 1-833-284-3258 x700 or william@portlandpsychic.school

I am enthusiastic about psychic readings and healings as a way of helping others find and help themselves; to take back autonomy and ownership of their lives and move forward towards their physical, emotional, spiritual and creative goals. What I offer to my professional clients is an agreement that I will come to our session prepared, focused, and ready to communicate everything that I see clearly and with enthusiasm. While the things that come up in a psychic reading or healing aren’t always “positive”, I will always look at your energy from a perspective of seeing the truth, and where you are taking steps and growing as spirit towards your total and complete potential.

I have been reading and healing as a vocation since 2006.

All Readings & Healings are available at my office in NW Portland and Online or by Phone. Please indicate your preference in the notes field when you make an appointment. Instructions for all three are sent in your confirmation.