William Pacholski


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Growing up in art conservatory environments I am passionate about bringing the same attention, discipline, and focus to the craft and art of being psychic.

Just as in music, writing, acting, painting, etc - raw talent only gets you so far; attention to your personal craft and honing your passion is where the greatest rewards lie as an artist - and as a psychic.

In 2015, after stints in Chicago, New York, San Francisco, and Minneapolis I left a successful career as a Producer and Director and moved to the Pacific Northwest, starting Portland Psychic School, which offers psychic development classes and training programs, in an Art School/Conservatory setting that focuses on artistic discipline, focus, technique - and most importantly practical experience as the best teacher.

If you’d like to learn more about the school and what we teach, talk about an upcoming class, or enroll in a training program make a student appointment with me using the booking tool below.



Professional Reading & Healing Appointments

Session rates are good through December 2019 and are subject to change.

I am enthusiastic about Psychic Readings and Psychic Energy Healing as a way of helping others find and help themselves; to take back autonomy and ownership of their lives and move forward towards their physical, emotional, spiritual, and creative goals. 

I will come to our session prepared, focused, and ready to communicate everything that I see with clarity and intention. I bring 13 years experience as a reading and healing artist with thousands of past clients and students, as well as a knack to make our session light, easy, and fun - even when the topics or questions are important and weighted.

I will always take the perspective of seeing your truth with compassion, and focus my work on validating where you are taking steps and growing as a dynamic, creative spirit towards your total - and complete - human potential.