Tieara Myers

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Hi! I’m Tieara Myers. I am a Clairvoyant Teacher, Psychic Reader, and Energy Healer at Portland Psychic School.

I love being psychic and working with energy. It is so validating and fun to read and work with energy. I grew up being really sensitive to energy as a healer, and super curious about life as a psychic - though I didn’t really have those words at the time. I attempted to learn on my own through numerous books from Barnes and Nobles. I didn’t realize it at the time but I was really searching for community; I was searching for like-minded psychic people.

Through what felt like magic and synchronicity, I found a community of psychics. It was so validating to finally be seen and understood by those around me. Within this community I couldn’t hide anymore which is one of the best gifts in my life to receive. Being seen transformed my life. Being able to see myself allowed me to take steps toward my truth.  

Those steps led me through transformations around my female energy and identity as a woman. Those steps also lead me onto my path as a clairvoyant teacher. I grew and began accepting myself as a queer woman, as a black woman, as a psychic woman, as an artist, and as a teacher.

It has been quite the journey as a healer as well. I’ve always been that comfortable shoulder for others to lean on. On my healer’s journey, I learned to support myself in the same ways I supported others. I started to give to myself, pursue my desires, be my own cheerleader, and support myself. Instead of being drained, I learned to fill my cup. Being a healer is wonderful! I learned -and am always learning- how to make being a healer work for my life in deeper ways.

I offer Psychic Readings which are a really great way to receive a hello to where YOU are at in your life. It can be easy to lose track of our own personal journey when there is so much going on. In a psychic reading with me, I’m really looking at how your experiences are a part of your spiritual growth.

I offer Energy Healings which are a great way to get energy in movement anytime. If you are going through a big transition in your life, feeling stuck, or wanting to work through something, an energy healing might be something that can create space for you in your life. In an energy healing, I’m helping you move energy within your spiritual anatomy and within your body.

We can always chat if you have questions about Psychic Readings, Energy Healings, and/or Classes at Tieara@portlandpsychic.school or the phone number listed below.

All services are currently being offered online.

Questions about a reading or having trouble making your appointment?
You can reach Tieara at 1-833-284-3258 or by emailing her tieara@portlandpsychic.school
You can also reach someone at PPS who can assist you in making an appointment by calling 1-833-284-3258 anytime.

Tieara also offers Energy Deprogramming One-on-One appointments for Graduates of the Clairvoyant Training. These sessions are $125.
She is available for Clairvoyant Student Meetings and New Student Information Appointments. You can book both of these using the tool below; scroll through the days until you find a slot that works for you.