Tieara Myers

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About Me

I started my spiritual journey with metaphysical studies when I was still in middle school. From a very young age, I had very psychic experiences - some more strange than others. This would come across in hearing voices, being able to understand animals, predictions, vivid dreams, seeing those that passed away, and noticing people of all ages hanging around me to feel better. 

I was a natural healer and psychic from a young age. The thing is, everyone has these abilities - it was simply that mine were turned up in my younger years. With my metaphysical studies, I longed to find understanding and community. In my twenties, I stumped upon a school where I was able to further develop my psychic abilities.   

I grew as a psychic, healer, teacher...and most importantly as a person. I believe that, in having the right tools ( and by that I mean the one's that work for you), you can begin to transform your life deeply. This was my experience. 

I healed both my internal body issues that had caused a great deal of pain, learned a deep level of self acceptance as an queer lesbian woman, fell in love and got engaged with my beautiful fiance, and grew to trust my own ability and how to use them for the benefit of my life. 

Since then, I've worked with women to reclaim their confidence, helped to honor queer sexuality in the LGBTQ community, motivated others to believe in their dreams, and provided insight for those who feel impacted by the moon cycles. Humanity is a great love of mine and speaking truth that resonates, validates, and heals is a passion. My mission in life is to always get to the heart of the matter to allow the healing to begin.