Welcome to Portland Psychic School


Psychic (adj.) "of or pertaining to the human soul or spirit" (earlier psychical, 1640s, from Greek psykhikos) meaning "sensitive to, or of the soul, spirit" (also somatikos, ancient Greek), meaning "concerned with the soul, spirit, life" from the Cambridge English Dictionary.

Portland Psychic School is a place for energy-sensitive people to learn tools and techniques that enhance their inherent, natural psychic abilities. We marry a specific style of meditation, Psychic Meditation, with information and concepts related to Clairvoyance and Healing that have been represented in every culture and spiritual tradition throughout human history. We develop our own curriculum and content - and are not affiliated with other teachers, schools, churches or religious/spiritual organizations. We offer classes, trainings, healings and readings at our facility in NW Portland, and also online via webcam.

Where does this stuff come from? 
What we teach is an experiential, oral tradition. It is not found in any texts or books. Our staff have been practicing, professional psychic teachers, readers, and healers - many of them for well over a decade. We combine learned techniques, our day to day experience of being psychic, and our own unique passions and enthusiasms in what we teach. As a school we focus on bringing the practice of being psychic and a healer into the present so it is relevant and applicable to our modern, urban lifestyles. When you study in a school rather than with a single teacher, you get instruction in varying styles and perspectives, which makes it more fun!

Who are our students? 
Many of our students are interested in developing professional practices, some are looking for new tools for their toolkit. Many simply want to learn how to manage energy day to day in a way that validates their own experience so they can be psychic in their relationships and creative or professional endeavors. Everyone is psychic; it's a natural human ability to be aware of and sensitive to energy. Just like any craft, there is an art and skill that can be learned to enhance your natural abilities. It's like playing a musical instrument;  the instrument is you!

What about community?
All students who take our psychic meditation class are invited to join our online, interactive community space where we hold community events and special opportunities for learning. Students in our training programs are invited to smaller, private groups where they can engage in real time with their classmates and teachers during their study. We will never charge you a membership fee to be a part of the PPS community. Its free.

Where do I start? 
One great place to start is getting a student reading or healing from our Clairvoyant Students, or a Professional Reading or Healing from our staff. We have a variety of options, including Aura and Past Life Readings starting at only $25, so coming in or logging on to receive a reading or healing is easy, insightful and fun - and a great way to see what we're teaching at the school seems interesting and if you're excited by it. We also offer a Monthly Open House for $10 that includes healings from our healing students, and other examples of what we teach here.

Every student at PPS starts with the 5-week Psychic Meditation Class. This class teaches the foundational tools and techniques we use for working with energy in every class and training. Even for the experienced intuitive, psychic, or energy healer we find that it is invaluable to get aligned regarding core concepts, experiential tools, and terminology. Psychic Meditation is a core technique in everything that we do, and this incredible class gives you the fundamentals of the form so you can see if it works for you, is something you are excited about, and want to continue with as part of your psychic growth and development.