Sheyla De Jesus


Clairvoyant Readings are $150/hour

Energy Healings are $75/30 Minutes

Healing others has always come easy for me, I am a healer by nature. Nine years ago I made the choice to redefine myself as an empath/healer. With that decision being made, I dove into the reality of looking at my own energy as well as the energy I may encounter. All areas of my life were transformed. Recognizing and honing my own psychic tool set has allowed me to find and create my own answers.

In my opinion, healers are able to change the world because they have experienced change and growth within themselves before they seek to heal others. With the greatest intention of working on myself first, I am proud to say I am one of those healers.

Being a woman has many complexities. The beauty by which women can create, attract, and repair is mystical. I am passionate about female energy. With tremendous gratitude and growth of my own, I have been privileged to witness women transform using their own psychic tool sets.

We all have the capability to heal. In order for many of us to identify our truth and ignite our own magic, we simply need guidance.

Reading and Healings are available with Sheyla in Spanish as well as English. To book with Sheyla, contact her directly at or 773-490-8771. You can also book online using the tool below.