Shannon Swallow

Clairvoyant & Meditation Teacher


One of the places where I've experienced a radical metamorphosis is in the area of self-love.  Where I found my answers, and transformation, is in my spiritual and psychic work.  Because when I could actually see  -- past the judgements, criticisms and negative ticker tapes -- I woke up to a whole new concept of me.  

In doing this work, this reading and teaching and healing work, I've come to a big whopper of an understanding: when people have their vision turned off, they literally can't see themselves -- that whole, light, bright, shining spirit that each of them has. And it's to their and the world's detriment.  I truly believe the world would evolve if more people could see their own spirit and the spirit in everyone around them.   

That's why I teach. I believe that profound change can happen by empowering people to see. As more people tune in and turn on that spiritual, psychic, intuitive, sixth-sense part of themselves, they'll have more freedom, autonomy and seniority to alter their own lives.  

I currently run the Women's program at PPS, which includes the Women's Clairvoyant Training and Women's Intuition & Healing.  I also teach in the Clairvoyant Training, Meditation classes and other specialty classes.  In my mind, they are all different avenues to transformation. I've been teaching on and off since 2007 and now happily full-time at Portland Psychic School. 

I've also had a professional healing and reading practice since 2005.  I've had thousands of hours of training in different aspects of psychic work. I have also given thousands of readings and healings to clients all over the world.  

I'm so grateful that I get to live my dream and I'm loving every minute of it. 

Shannon has a full-time reading and healing practice.  To learn more, please visit You can also reach her via the channels below or book a session directly via the link.  Readings are $180 for a 60-minute session. 

For student meetings, please contact Shannon to set up an appointment.

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