Ryan Fukuda


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AStral body healings are
$100/30 min


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Your idea of the world is everything; and when that changes, the world itself changes.
— Don Juan Matus

At a young age, I was aware of my sensitivity to other people’s emotions and thought them to be my own. After my 8th grade graduation, I took my first meditation class which lead me to acknowledge that all of that sensitivity was just me being psychic. Psychic stuff is happening within and around us all the time. Learning to utilize and hone in on your psychic abilities is similar to learning how to make a film or ride a bike for the first time — it takes time and practice.

In my years of studying clairvoyance and healing, I simultaneously developed my skills as a filmmaker and creative producer. After college, I began my work as a professional intuitive healing practitioner at a unique beauty & wellness space. Over time, I've conducted thousands of psychic readings and energy healings at independent retail store events, salons, spas, schools, company meetings, art galleries, bachelorette parties, holiday parties, and one time for an entire group of 42 enthusiastic churchgoers. I’ve also taught meditation workshops for professionals, performed healing demonstrations and spoke about energy healing at corporate events.

I currently teach The Art of the Dreamer: Astral Body Training and oversee the Energy Healing Program with the PPS Healing Staff. My focus as a teacher is to challenge students to create from within at every moment and to share that with themselves and the world.