Portland Psychic School Retreats


Each year we hold retreat weekends that create a space for deeper exploration and study of your psychic abilities along with opportunity to heal, and integrate your body and spirit in new ways.

These retreats feature topics and tools that we don’t normal teach in our classes and trainings, so they are designed to keep your Meditation, Healing and Clairvoyant abilities fresh and active if you are a graduate, and if you are currently a student or in a training, to have an exceptional and extra experience! They are available both in Portland and on the road at interesting and exciting destinations.

We offer integrated retreats for all levels of study, including newcomers to the school and Clairvoyant Students/Graduates. The Psychic Meditation Class is a pre-requisite and the place to start for study at PPS. From there, you can enroll in all these exciting opportunities.

Upcoming Retreats


Creating & Having Miracles Retreat

4 magical days in Sedona, Arizona on the Summer Solstice -
June 2020