Working the Energy of Relationships

A five week Advanced Psychic Meditation Class

  • Next class is TBD

  • Taught by Shannon Swallow

  • Tuition is $325 for the five week class

  • The Psychic Meditation Class at PPS is a pre-requisite, anyone who has completed this class is welcome to enroll. 

At a macro level, you are in relationship to absolutely everything in your life: the people you know, the places you go and the experiences you cultivate. How you ‘relate’ to people, places and things is an external expression of how you relate to yourself. This makes relationships a central theme in every single person’s life. Think about how many of the people in your life are talking about their relationships: friends, colleagues, partners, family. They (and you) spend a lot of time developing them, talking about them, trying to create more positive exchanges. Couples and families go to therapy, companies offer coaching on managing relationships, children receive counseling at school. The mental and emotional aspects of relationships are great places to start. And yet, not many people look at the energy of relationships, the energy of agreements, the energy of commitments.

In this five-week class, we’ll start exploring the energy of relationships: your relationship to yourself as well as your relationship to partners, family, friends and colleagues. Working with energetic tools, you’ll get to clear out stale/stuck energy in your relationships, start to get conscious to what’s been in the way of you having the relationships you want and reset your ‘relationship space.’

We’ll also cover:

  • Seeing your relationship space as an actual energetic space that you can create, nurture and update.

  • Bringing your relationship spaces into present time

  • Working the energy of your agreements so that they reset in a way that aligns to your truth (knowing your value)

  • Clearing out past relationships (including exes) and cutting cords to make room for new

  • Learning how to create a space for new relationships energetically and at the level of spirit

  • Making room in your heart (4th chakra) for more compassion and forgiveness for yourself and others

  • Clearing out old communication channels

  • Clearing out effort in your relationship spaces

This class is taught by Shannon Swallow and is open to anyone who has taken the Psychic Meditation Class at PPS. No matter what level you are, if you’re interested in changing the way you are in relationship to people in this lifetime, this class will offer a great jumpstart to work the energy.

You can sign up via the link above or if you have questions, please feel free to reach out to Shannon directly at