Rebecca Jones


I didn’t always recognize myself as a seer, but as a teacher and business owner, I knew I was in the daily practice of understanding children’s energies, unveiling their underlying needs, and facilitating support, resolution, communication, and healing. I knew that my orientation in this work was intuitive, nuanced and energetic in nature. I also knew that I was giving away too much of my energy and slowly but surely depleting myself.

But as necessity has its funny little way of ushering in BIG change, I found myself on a journey of exploring various healing modalities, and along the way I stumbled into the Psychic Meditation Class at Portland Psychic School. From the start I recognized that I had been practicing a version of energy work without the tools to truly support myself (and ultimately others).

It was a humbling and inspirational realization that led to a deep commitment to the training and development of my clairvoyance and the encouragement of others on their dynamic journeys of healing. I have completed two years of intensive clairvoyant and graduate training, and am currently studying astral energy. I am also now honored to be on staff at PPS, teaching an advanced psychic meditation class and running a student reading lab.

I have a particularly affinity for working with healers, teachers, empaths, activists, social workers, entrepreneurs, and parents… those who know what it’s like to give their energy away with the well meaning intention of helping others.

Questions about a reading or having trouble making your appointment?
You can reach Rebecca at 1-833-284-3258 or by emailing her