Readings @ Your Event

Students, Staff and Teachers from our The Art of the Seer : Clairvoyant Training are available to participate at your event. We can provide readers for events of 5 to 100 or more people! All readings and event engagements are overseen by our teaching staff to ensure that your guests are getting quality, beautiful readings and have a great experience.

We've partnered with organizers to create wonderful experiences at Speed Dating Events, Weddings, Gallery Openings and Art Walks, Bachelorette Parties, Festivals, Birthdays and Halloween parties. We've included some FAQ's below. Contact us for more details or with your questions! 

Rates start at $150/hour.

Why hire someone to provide psychic readings at your event?

People hire us because it’s unique, fun, cool, and interesting. Sometimes people want to try something new or different–or they’ve had readings with one of our teachers or staff, or even with us at parties before and they know how popular the readings can be.

What do you offer for parties, what does it entail? 

Each guest receives their own individual reading – depending on how many guests, how many readers we bring, and how much time you allow for each reading, between 5-15 minutes each.

Our readers learn to go into a deep meditation and read energy via mental image pictures. The pictures are accurate, insightful, and fun. They don't describe what's "wrong" with a person, or even what's "right" - usually it's more a way to look at a situation or an energy from a unique perspective. The person receiving the reading is never told what to do, but rather is invited to receive the information in whatever way feels good for them. Usually the reader does a cold reading of a picture or two, and then there is time for a question.

Do you read Tarot Cards at events?

There are people who are highly skilled at Tarot, but that isn't what we practice. 

I know that most of my guests and I will love having readings, but I’m not sure if ALL of my guests will be into it.

Well, first of all it's entirely optional! We don't force anyone to get a reading, and certainly don't encourage our hosts to make it mandatory. Very often the guests who are unsure, or even skeptical, about having readings at parties decide to have a reading once they see how much the other guests are enjoying the experience. Ironically, it’s often the guests who claim to be the biggest skeptics or “who don’t really believe in this stuff” that end up having the best time with their readings. In a party atmosphere, we consider the readings as “entertainment” which helps them keep an open mind to listen to the information and derive value or meaning from what’s shared as they see fit. These distinctions can help set a more neutral tone and workable context for people so they can enjoy the discussion of the energies during their readings, hold onto their own discernment and freedom of choice — and have fun at the party!

Do you read Past Lives? Predict the Future?

Every reading is unique and has some correlation with a person’s own level of awareness about their lives and choices and experiences. Most readings contain some mixture of past and present information – yet the focus of the mini-readings is usually on what's going on with that person in the present. The past sometimes reveals itself in general, or specific, ways during a reading and so can a varying assortment of future potentials which might be present at a given time. We do offer specific Past-Life Readings for people who are interested in making that a theme for the event, which can be very fun!

I don’t want to know anything bad, or have readings that are downers.

We genuinely strive to be empowering and uplifting when reading.  It’s a common misconception that a reading will be, or should be, shocking or over the top, in some way – although people are often delighted, impressed, surprised, enthralled, affirmed, moved, or blown away by the readings and feel that they are “spot on.” We always read people from a place of honesty, compassion, and kindness - and we try to have a sense of humor, too! After all, it’s a party and we all want people to have a good time!

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