Psychic Teacher Training 

I long to accomplish a great and noble task; but it is my chief duty today to accomplish small tasks as if they were great and noble.
— Helen Keller

Teaching is not only about sharing, transmitting, or communicating information; teaching is about embodying wisdom. Wisdom is lived, or integrated, information. Once you have embodied something you’ve learned, integrated it with your own information and experience, you then live in the truth of that thing - and you become a teacher of it. Teaching is one of the most noble and beautiful of art forms; teaching artists are practicing their craft in all spaces - it is happening all around us, all the time.

Just like being an artist, this is a path or journey one must go on for themselves, by themselves - without a particular destination in mind. At the end of your journey you embody and effortlessly express who you are and what you know - you become changed. People will be attracted to you because you embody what you know, and have something of real value to share. People will want to learn from being around you, and have the benefit of your perspective as communication. These people are your students. Nobody can grant you the title of teacher; you become one.

Becoming a psychic teacher is an incredible growth period and has a halo effect onto every area of your life. Teaching is not a job, it is a calling or a vocation. In choosing to teach, you are choosing a path of finding your own unique voice in the world, and embodying your unique perspective. This process, more than any other, takes time and a deep level of commitment - nothing of real value comes quickly. Unfortunately, there are no ways to accelerate or “hack” the path to becoming a teacher - we’ve all had teachers that were clearly not qualified to be teaching. Teaching isn’t a MLM strategy. There are many institutions, in many areas of study, who will simply take a tuition payment and give you a bunch of information and then a piece of paper saying that you are a teacher. There is another way, a way that leverages the gift of space, time, and practical opportunity to work on integrating your information so that you can uncover and discover your unique voice as a teacher. When done right, teaching is being a light for others to find and become themselves too. That’s a way of being, not just having bullet points to share.

While this “training” speaks directly to the format of what we teach and practice as Clairvoyants, Psychic Energy Healers, and with Psychic Meditation Tools at PPS, the skill and ability to teach and lead from your own wisdom is a life-changing step in becoming more yourself and a leader in any culture, organization, group, industry, or company. Successful completion of the Art of the Seer : Clairvoyant Training is the first pre-requisite for taking this step.

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