Psychic Meditation for Actors Class


The Psychic Meditation Class presents meditation tools and techniques to help you develop and become confident in your own psychic abilities. The Psychic Meditation for Actors Class does this through a lense of the unique energies that performers of all kinds handle and work with every day - both in your career and in your personal life.

This class gives you real, tangible, life-applicable tools that are easy to work with every single day. This style of meditation is active, creative, and fun. It’s meditation for people who have trouble meditating!

  • Mondays for five weeks starting Monday, October 21st at 5pm-6:30pm PST with William Pacholski

  • $325 for the five week class

  • Held LIVE online via webcam with other actors from around the world

A painter works with color. A musician works with sound. A writer with words. Performers work with energy—onstage and offstage, alone and with others. Mastering the ability to work with energy elevates a performance.

In this five week class, you’ll learn how to access your own energy to become a stronger, clearer, and more impactful actor. You’ll gain the power to command a room and capture an audience’s attention. You’ll also learn tools and techniques for releasing energies that aren’t yours - that get in the way of your expression, creativity, and strength as a performer.

But more importantly, those who work with these techniques find that their performances leave them energized rather than depleted and find connection with audiences in a more intimate way. With these tools they are also able to relate powerfully to their inner selves and bring their whole self to each role or experiecne - which is where the alchemy of a masterful performance is created.

There are many ways to learn acting techniques (acting styles, movement, and vocal techniques, script analysis etc.) but this class is completely different. It focuses instead on the art of BEING a performer, which is something that many find lacking in their training and are seeking in their artistic lives. 

In times past, actors, storytellers, and musicians were part of the spiritual core of a community and society. The performer no longer seems relevant to our culture beyond entertainment because our performers haven't claimed this space for themselves. This work aims to bring that expansive sense of self and purpose back to the craft of the performing artist.


The Greeks, who invented what we consider the "modern" theater, sought catharsis, the process of releasing charged and emotional energy. They believed it was the foundation of all art, ritual, and even religious experiences. Today’s audiences still attend theater and films for the same reason: to find the catharsis that is missing in their daily life - tho most of us have forgotten how to really experience it, or create that experience for others.

When a performer and an audience experience catharsis in relationship in the same physical space, it is an intense experience like nothing else. It functions on multiple levels of awareness simultaneously - it is both a shared and an individual experience. It is both internal and external. It is both intimate and relate-able. It creates empowerment and vulnerability. It feels like "magic". Achieving this level of catharsis with an audience requires mastery of psychic energy.


You will learn to tune out all the noise and excess sensory input that interferes with your performance. This is an active, not a passive process. It opens you to your full range of emotions, your entire imagination, and all your possibilities during every moment onstage. It allows you to connect to your inner landscape and psyche and bring all of that energy to your performance. This class is for actors and performers who are serious about elevating their craft and looking to take their abilities to a new level of personal and artistic fulfillment. It is an investment in yourself beyond learning about the business of theater or a "form" of acting. This will not make you a successful actor, it will make you a satisfied one. 

The class is taught in an experiential style with a live teacher online via webcam! Employing a mix of conversation, lecture, and teacher-guided meditation you get to play with the tools you are learning in real time - with opportunity for questions, clarifications, and immediate feedback and dialogue about your experience. 

Taking this class in a group setting with a live teacher (rather than through a recording, book, or individually) leverages everyone's questions, comments, and feedback to create a truly rich and powerful learning experience. 

Techniques taught in this class will give you the foundation of a meditation practice that emphasizes ways to:

  • Connect with your energy, and your own creative spirit, using real and tangible tools with impact you will notice right away.

  • Get grounded and centered in your own space - anywhere, anytime, in any circumstance.

  • Separate yourself from other people’s energy so you can let go of what is not yours and have more of what you want.

  • Discern and clear out energy from the characters you play, so you don’t “bring them home with you”.

  • Be more present with your scene partners, colleagues, or fellow performers in a way that feels fun and exciting.

  • Handle public attention on your most intimate spiritual energies with grace.

  • Create magic by finding where your own psyche overlaps with your audience and your performance; find inner unity with your character/performance/role.

  • Get your energy in movement in a way that validates spirit and is comfortable for your body.

  • Turn on your psychic abilities in a way that does not feel overwhelming or scary - have fun doing it!

  • Work with your own energy to create the creative opportunities you want - effortlessly.

**Note - this class, while themed specifically for performers of all kinds, fulfills the requirements for further study at our school.

Next Class Dates

Mondays for five weeks starting Monday, September 21st at 5pm-6:30pm PST with William Pacholski

*5pm PST / 7PM CST / 8pm EST