Art of the Healer


Psychic Energy Healer Training

Energy Healing at Portland Psychic School is about directing energy in a safe and controlled way in your own or some other space to create a healing effect. The techniques that we teach create - in every instance - a unique opportunity in that time and place for change, growth, and movement. It is not about channeling outside or other energies as a healing, it is about owning your personal strength, value, and power as a healer to create change in the energy around you.

Our Psychic Energy Healing Program validates each person’s unique healing abilities and their personal healing style, while simultaneously presenting specific tools and a complete form that creates consistent, dependable, and super-natural results. Our program begins with the Energy Healing Bootcamp, where you learn to turn on or enhance your personal healing abilities, and teaches how to give a healing to another person without giving your energy away.

The centerpiece of our program is a year long Energy Healer Training, broken into two six month parts and available only in Portland. This training deep dives into the nuance, detail, and magic of being a healer in the world. At the end of this extra-ordinary training, you will have all the tools you need to begin, strengthen, or create your own energy healing practice - or you can simply use the tools for yourself, family, and friends. When you know how to manage your energy safely and effectively as a healer, there is no limit to the magic you can create in the world - for others, but also for yourself. 


The Art of the Healer : Psychic Energy Healing Training

A year long exploration of psychic energy healing, and your unique abilities as a psychic energy healer.
Training Begins October 10th, 2019 in Portland.
Enrollment is open now!

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