Psychic Meditation Class

Psychic Meditation Class


This is the foundation level, 5 week Psychic Meditation Class as taught by William Pacholski, Director of the Portland Psychic School. Each of the five classes is 90 - 120 minutes in length, and presents the basic psychic tools that we use in all of our advanced classes and trainings - but these essential tools are the building blocks for being aware of psychic energy in a safe and fun way no matter what your goals. This class is a pre-requisite for the Art of the Seer : Clairvoyant Training and all of our advanced meditation classes. 

When you purchase this class, you will immediately have access to the first class via a unique download link, and the last four classes will be sent in a separate download link within 24 hours.  This purchase also includes a complimentary 60 minute meeting for you to ask questions and experience a personalized guided meditation with William, to be scheduled at your convenience. 

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Meditation Class Topics: 
Class 1 : Releasing and replenishing with Your own energy
Class 2 : Running energy meditation and working with neutral energies
Class 3 : Point of awareness, discernment, attention, and focusing energy
Class 4 : Creating and destroying with energy, Protecting and distributing your energy
Class 5 : Having more of what you want, Creating from your own energy