Path of the Mystic Advanced Meditation Class

Path of the Mystic Advanced Meditation Class


This five class meditation download is for students who have completed The Psychic Meditation Class. It builds on the tools taught in that fundamentals class with in-depth exercises, and introduces new techniques and advanced tools for working with energy as a psychic, and more than that, those who find themselves as seekers on the Mystic Path. 

Each of the five classes is 90 minutes long and includes lectures and guided meditations that you can experience on your own. Because the topics covered in this class are in-depth and wide ranging, these meditations are designed to be revisited and practiced again and again. 

Class topics are: 
Class 1 - The Mystic in the World : Defining being a Mystic in the World
Class 2 - The Mystic in Relationships : Exploring Solitude & Multitude
Class 3 - The Mystic in Society : Your relationship to Work, Vocation, and Calling
Class 4 - The Mystic in Culture : The Mystic Quest for Truth & Beauty
Class 5 - The Mystic in our Time : Time, Death, & Spiritual Freedom

When you purchase this class, you will immediately have access to the first class via a unique download link, and the last four classes will be sent in a separate download link within 24 hours.  If you have questions about this download or this class, please contact 

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