At the end of life, the last note will not be “Taps,” it will be “Reville.”


Winston Churchill planned his own funeral, which took place in Saint Paul’s Cathedral. He included many of the great hymns of the church, and used the eloquent Anglican liturgy. At his direction, a bugler positioned high in the dome of Saint Paul’s, intoned, after the benediction, the sound of “Taps,” the universal signal that says the day is over, a song of endings. But then came the most dramatic turn: as Churchill instructed, as soon as “Taps” was finished, another bugler, placed on the other side of the great dome, played the notes of “Reville” – “It’s time to get up. It’s time to get up. It’s time to get up in the morning" - a song of beginnings. That was Churchill’s testimony; at the end of life, the last note will not be “Taps,” it will be “Reville.” The loss is never final, for beyond the grief lies gratitude,  forgiveness, and life.


Today, Portland Psychic School lost a dear friend. In our grief is gratitude, deep understanding, and of course - new life and celebration. Rest in Peace, Ellie. She was here with us in Portland for only a short time, but we will never forget her enthusiasm for catching tennis balls or her way of gently healing everyone she met. 

WIlliam Pacholski