"Being able to read an Aura is a new, fun, and dynamic dimension to my life."


"Learning how to read energy Clairvoyantly has opened the framework of my perception. I am now able to determine the energy of a situation or person before words. It is a deep dive into a realm within us all. More expansion and possibilities are available as a direct result of being psychic and being able to control my reality and have direct information quickly. Life starts feeling more like a game you are playing and the fun starts rolling in once you learn how to tune into what is really you and discern what isn't. 

Meditation has become a key to everything I desire. I am happy I take the time to meditate every day, it has changed my entire life, and I feel lighter and more alive. I love being able to see, read and sense auras and energy; it brings an a new, fun, and dynamic dimension to my life."

- Jennifer, Online Clairvoyant Student

WIlliam Pacholski