Happy Anniversary to PPS

Portland Psychic Clairvoyant School

Facebook reminded me today of a cool anniversary; It was a year ago today we rented our first physical space here in Portland and the Portland Psychic School was created. It's our year birthday!

Since then we've moved to the fourth floor into two working spaces tripling our square footage, have five teachers engaged with a dozen full time Clairvoyant Students online and in-person, and we've had over 100 students in our classes, workshops, readings, and trainings since June of last year.

I am personally so grateful for everything that we are doing here every day, and I know I share this gratitude and enthusiasm with Shannon and Ryan, for being able to share our own love of meditation tools and energy awareness with all sorts if interesting, creative, and passionate people. Thanks to everyone for their participation in this community!

WIlliam PacholskiComment