Freedom to Choose

A good friend once told me that love is really the act of choosing; it is the act of committing and recommitting to something and/or someone every single minute. 

There will always be someone more interesting. Something more attractive. The new thing that catches your eye. But eventually, you fall in love with someone or something for no other reason than you just make the choice to commit to it. And in those moments when your attention gets grabbed you bring it back to the thing you love. You choose it again. And again. And again. 

Because really you're choosing yourself. How you feel when you're doing that thing, or you are with that person. That's what you're committing to; not to something external but something within. Love isn't really something that happens externally. Love is committing to the way you feel when you're with someone or something else, and choosing it above all else. You choose it to keep experiencing yourself that way.

Love is not something that happens to you. It's something you choose. And you have to keep choosing the thing again and again and it never gets automatic. It might get easier, but love is always a choice.

What are you choosing today? What are you in love with?

William Pacholski

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