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Portland Psychic School Online


Our online classes and trainings are designed from the ground up to be taught virtually; they aren't just "online versions" of our offerings. The tone, pacing, curriculum, and experience is tailored to the way people learn online. We do not offer everything we teach online, because not all of it translates well, and we don’t want to offer something that isn’t exceptional in quality and value. So our online offerings are streamlined to include Psychic Meditation Classes and Clairvoyant Trainings, both of which are easy and fun to do over webcam. Energy Healing instruction is available in-person at our annual retreats starting in late 2019.


Art of the Seeker : Psychic Meditation Classes Online

Start with our foundation level, 5-week, Psychic Meditation Class which is taught every 6 or 7 times during the year. All students at Portland Psychic School and online take this class. From there, we offer Meditation II and Meditation III, along with Advanced Meditation Classes on special topics, themes and concepts.

Psychic Meditation is our core practice, and is a pre-requisite for all trainings in person and online. You can learn more about these classes here by clicking the button below or setting up a meeting to discuss the school and your psychic abilities.


THe Art of the Seer : Online Clairvoyant Training & Advanced Clairvoyant trainings

Our year long training program begins twice each year in January and July. The Art of the Seer : Online Clairvoyant Training is a safe and structured path towards building confidence in your ability to work with energy as a psychic, and more specifically to see energy as a Clairvoyant. Those whose practice Clairvoyance find clarity and discernment in relationship to the energy of the world around them - and more importantly the energies within themselves. Clairvoyance is a vital, relevant, and exciting tool regardless of your personal, professional, or artistic goals.


Psychic Energy Healing and Clairvoyant Retreats

Twice a year we invite our online students to join our teachers and staff along with the in-person students in unique meditation, healing, and Clairvoyant immersion weekends meant to fortify and refresh psychic tools, learn new techniques and modalities, and experience deep and lasting healing in a fun community environment. Details are coming soon.