The Art of the Seer : Online Clairvoyant Training


 The next training begins January 12th, 2020

Weekly Class meets on Sundays at 11am Pacific
Reading Labs
are at self-selecting times each week, available in person and online.

The Art of the Seer : Online Clairvoyant Training is a safe and structured path towards building confidence in your ability to work with energy as a psychic, and more specifically to see energy as a Clairvoyant. At the end of this training, you will have the tools to give a professional level Clairvoyant Reading - but if you don't want to be a professional reader, that's ok too! This skill can be applied to any area of your life - your career, health, relationships, art, creativity and your personal spiritual journey can all be transformed by working with and mastering Clairvoyance. The fun is deciding how you will apply this art and new skill to your own creativity, passions, and life.

Clairvoyance is a vital, relevant, and exciting tool regardless
of your personal, professional, or artistic goals.

Designed to be an optimized virtual learning experience over 15 magical months


Each week you are invited to a 90 minute, interactive online class where you learn a different tool or technique to use while giving a Clairvoyant reading. The class is supported each week by two reading labs where you get to practice your tools in real time as you learn them - giving you experience, confidence, and reinforcement right out of the gate. This is a hands-on, experiential training where you are rolling up your sleeves and reading others in a safe, grounded, and respectful space overseen by experienced readers and teachers, with lots of permission to find your own way and have fun doing it!

Being in a group class with a live teacher (rather than learning through a recording, book, or individually) leverages everyone's questions, comments, and feedback to create a truly rich and powerful learning experience. Our online classes and labs via webcam make the experience more intimate, real, and validating than by phone, book, or recording.

At the end of this extraordinary 15 month commitment to developing your own craft and art as a psychic reader, you will have all the tools you need to give a reading to anyone with grace and ease. But more than that, you will also learn all the remarkable things that you can read in people - and get the experience doing it in detail that you need to be confident. Things like the spiritual (or energy) anatomy, past lives, the Akashic Records, spirit and healing guides, are all part of the reading lab experiences so that you get the opportunity to practice reading these things in a safe and structured environment. You’ll also learn pro-tips from professional readers and teachers about where energy can get stuck in a reading exchange, how to set up the basics of a practice, and more.

This 15 month training is a big commitment - in time, energy, and resources - but it is also be a life-changing experience for those who can have to their psychic and spiritual growth and development in an extraordinary way.

Enrollment Information for the Art of the Seer : Online Clairvoyant Training

With Kris Cahill, Tieara Myers. and William Pacholski.
78 Hours of Clairvoyant Classes and more than 100 hours of teacher led Reading Lab experiences!
$250 Enrollment Fee & 15 payments of $375
Total Tuition: $5875

Interested in the training program? Schedule a complimentary meeting below with Kris cahill to discuss.

At a certain point in my training, I became aware of something that had fused together within me. At first I didn’t know what it was, but I was aware of it even though I couldn’t describe it. I started to realize that it’s ok for me to be the kind of man that I always knew I was. I tend to be more introverted, and I always felt judged about that. I can be simple, I can run my energy at a lower vibration, I can operate at a slower pace, and I can separate myself energetically from the world around me, and it’s all going to be ok. When I can be myself in my own space and in the world, it truly is a magical and awesome experience. I got to have that in this training.
— Shea, Graduate
I had thousands and zero expectations for the Clairvoyant training all at the same time. I thought I would be a whole new person and yet still be the same me. While this is true, I didn’t expect the foundation of myself to change. I interact with the world differently now and I can’t go back to how I was, nor would I want to. I also thought learning to be a Clairvoyant would be impossible. However, I learned it was actually very obtainable and the hardest part of the training, for me, was/is being seen. I have always been very selective about who sees me and who doesn’t. This training has taught me that I don’t need to hide because I have the tools to navigate around the energy that comes with being seen. I am still very much in a growth period about this, and I am definitely making up for all the resisting I’ve done in the past, but I finally get to have myself and my abilities for me!
— Rachel, Graduate
I came to The Clairvoyant Training wanting to tap into a greater level of awareness in all aspects of my life. I have learned how to see energy with clarity and discernment, but, in plainer terms: reading energy allows me to experience life in all the Technicolor details and have the volume turned up to 11. The teachers are all wonderfully enthusiastic about the value of being psychic, yet they’re incredibly sensitive to the delicate process of opening one’s awareness. Each class is a rich experience and thoughtfully paced; the practice readings are absolutely invaluable. It’s pure magic.
— Carrie, Graduate
‘Transformational’... Is the word that best describes the Clairvoyant Training at the Portland Psychic School. Not only have my abilities blossomed but my life has began to shift in magical ways! Shannon, William and the other staff at the school are not only impressive psychics but amazing teachers! They have developed a program with a level of quality, professionalism, and credibility that is hard to match within this space!
— Krissy, Graduate
Signing up for the training, I had a lot of expectations and ideas around the word “psychic”, all of which revolved around other people, and solving their problems. What the training turned out to be was very different, though no less magical. I found out that I was the stranger in my own life. I realized that there wasn’t anything wrong with me, and my sensitivity to other people’s energy wasn’t a problem that needed to be solved. Magical things started to happen, It just didn’t look anything like how I had imagined it. It turned out to be much better.
— Nathan, Graduate