August 2019 Issue


In this Issue:

  • Dream Readings - August 18th Only

  • Readings & Healings available during the week

  • Art of the Healer : Energy Healing Training begins October 15th

  • Online Clairvoyant Training begins October 13th, 2019

  • Working the Energy of Relationships with Shannon Swallow

  • Lucid Dreamer: An Intro to Meditation Workshop with Ryan Fukuda

  • Animal Communication for Clairvoyants Workshop with Myan Binder

  • Kundalini Retreat Weekend in Portland with William Pacholski

  • Psychic Meditation for Actors & Performers Class

  • Upcoming Psychic Meditation Class Dates

  • New Advanced Meditation Classes this fall

  • Creating and Having Miracles Retreat in Sedona, AZ


Dream Readings
Available August 18th Only

Dream Readings are given by students in our Art of the Dreamer : Astral Body Training and last about 45 minutes. They cost $35 and are only available online via webcam. These readings are available on Sunday, August 18th, online. There are a total of 12 readings available and they will book quickly.

  • August 18th, 11:00am PST - 6 slots

  • August 18th, 12:00pm PST - 6 slots

When you go to sleep at night, life isn’t put on hold until you open your eyes in the morning. There is a whole other part of you experiencing, exploring, and creating when you go to dream at night.

Whether you want freedom to develop new goals and desires in your waking life, explore a recurring dream, or connect more deeply to your dreams - looking at this space can be a tremendous healing to all aspects of your life.

In this reading, the readers explore three topics
(and there will be plenty of time for questions):

  1. What is the health of your sleep? Are you able to get to your dreams and if so, where do you go?

  2. What was the overall energy of your dreams last night?

  3. What dream are you creating right now on the astral that you are looking to bring into your waking life?

When you become conscious to the energy of what’s happening in your dreams, you begin to remove the boundaries and limitations separating you from the dreams you want to bring into your waking life.

Online readings are done via our video classroom software which you will be directed to download in advance of the reading. If you have questions, please reach out to


Aura & Past Life Readings

Aura & Past Life Readings are given by students in our Art of the Seer : Clairvoyant Training and last about 45 minutes. They cost $25.

Aura Readings

Students learn to go into a deep meditative state and look clairvoyantly at the energy in your aura. Some of the energy they find is yours, and some of it isn’t. By describing what they see in each layer of your aura, they see energy as mental image pictures which are often dream-like, full of rich meaning, and contain an accurate depiction of where you are working with energy in these spaces. They describe the layers of your aura as they go, so it is always very clear what they are reading - and how it applies to your day to day life. The goal of an aura reading is not to tell your future, but to give you a full picture of the energies in your life and how they are interacting with you and how you are interacting with the world around you.

Past Life Readings

Students learn to go into a deep meditation and in the 45 minutes look at three of your past lives. They will describe details of the lifetimes, including how the energy of these lives are affecting the energy of your present life. This is vital information to receive in this reading; knowing where you've come from can help you to see clearly why you are where you are - and where you're going. There is always time at the end for you to ask a few questions about specific things in your current lifetime - so come prepared!

Weekly Aura & Past Life Reading Schedule for the term lasting July 17th - December 8th
(All times are Pacific)

  • Mondays Online @ 12pm

  • Tuesdays Online @ 1pm

  • Wednesdays Online @ 5:30pm

  • Wednesdays in Portland @ 5:45pm

  • Thursdays Online @ 6pm and 7pm

  • Thursdays in Portland @5:30pm

  • Saturdays in Portland @ 11am and 12pm


Art of the Healer : Psychic Energy Healer Training Program
Begins October 10th, 2019

The Energy Healer Training is a 12 month training broken up into two parts. The focus in this training is on using your awareness and psychic abilities to direct energy in a healing, transformative way - for yourself and others.

At the end of this training, you will have a full toolkit of energy healing modalities and techniques that can integrate into your established professional healing practice, or you can use to start one.  Whether or not you identify as a healer in your life or profession, or are simply interested in learning more about your own innate healing abilities, your practice and personal journey can transformed by your mastery of the art of healing and by working as a healer in your life. This training is available in Portland only.

Even if you don't choose to be a "professional" healer after this training, the skill of directing and transforming energies in your own space and in the world around you can be applied to every facet of your life. Your career, health, relationships, art, creativity and all aspects of your personal spiritual journey may all be transformed by working with and mastering the Art of the Healer. The fun is deciding how you will apply this art and skill to your own creativity, passions, and life experience.

Energy Healing is a vital, relevant, and exciting tool to develop.

The Psychic Meditation Class and the Energy Healing Bootcamp are pre-requisites for this training. Contact for more information.


Art of the Seer : Online Clairvoyant Training Program
Begins October 13th, 2019

The Art of the Seer : Online Clairvoyant Training is a safe and structured path towards building confidence in your ability to work with energy as a psychic, and more specifically to see energy as a Clairvoyant. At the end of this training, you will have the tools to give a professional level Clairvoyant Reading - but if you don't want to be a professional reader, that's ok too! This skill can be applied to any area of your life - your career, health, relationships, art, creativity and your personal spiritual journey can all be transformed by working with and mastering Clairvoyance. The fun is deciding how you will apply this art and new skill to your own creativity, passions, and life.

Clairvoyance is a vital, relevant, and exciting tool regardless
of your personal, professional, or artistic goals.

Working the Energy of Relationships
a five week Advanced Psychic Meditation Class
with Shannon Swallow

In this five-week class, we’ll start exploring the energy of relationships: your relationship to yourself as well as your relationship to partners, family, friends and colleagues. Working with energetic tools, you’ll get to clear out stale/stuck energy in your relationships, start to get conscious to what’s been in the way of you having the relationships you want and reset your ‘relationship space.’ The Psychic Meditation Class is a pre-requisite.

From Shannon:

When I was younger, my response to a tough bump in a relationship was to just end it. Yep, I'd just walk away. It didn’t matter if it was a partner, friend or family member. I had no ability to manage or sit with the discomfort of different agendas or hurt feelings. As you can imagine, that wasn’t a very high growth path. It pretty much kept me stuck emotionally and energetically in my relationship space for years.  

It was when I started using my psychic tools in my relationships that things really began to shift for me.  Being in my 6thchakra gave me the space to look at what was really happening without being tangled in the drama.  It allowed me to be much more neutral and forgiving.  I started to be able to be and stay in commitments rather than run from them.  That’s a big part of the reason I created the “Working the Energy of Relationships” class.  I think psychic tools can really help shift this space in a tangible way. I’m excited to offer it and show people that they can do it for themselves too. 


Lucid Dreamer - An Intro to Meditation Workshop
For new and beginning students at PPS

Monday, September 16th, 7pm-8:30pm at Portland Psychic School

What if your entire life can become as you dream it to be? As a psychic who is sensitive to subtle energy - both in yourself, and in the world, waking up to your most creative space - your dreams at night - might be an answer.

This special workshop is taught by Ryan Fukuda in Portland. Join other curious seekers and experience a little of the magic that comes from learning Psychic Meditation tools and techniques in the context of having a deeper connection with your dreams, goals and desires.


Animal Communication Workshop for Clairvoyants
an online workshop with Myan Binder

The Animal Communication Workshop is a specialty Clairvoyant level workshop taught by Myan Binder. It is available to any student who is currently enrolled or a graduate of The Art of the Seer : Clairvoyant Training.

Learn to talk to the animals using your psychic and Clairvoyant tools. 

If you are in the Clairvoyant Program or are a Graduate of the Clairvoyant Program, you will love this addition to your psychic skills!  Communicating with animals opens up a door to a whole new realm of being a psychic in the world.  It also gives you greater insight into your own pets and the animals around you!

  • Learn how to prepare to work with an animal as a psychic

  • Further Develop your Clairvoyant abilities to see what an animal wants to communicate to you

  • Learn about the psychic ability of telepathy - how it works and how it works for you

  • Practice techniques that help you open up to communicating with an animal telepathically

  • Learn how to combine Clairvoyance and Telepathy to communicate with an animal

  • Begin to learn how to work with people and their pets as a reader and healer


Awakening Kundalini Energy
An Immersive Retreat Weekend in Portland
with William Pacholski

September 21st - September 23rd

There are many misconceptions about Kundalini Energy; some consider it dangerous, forbidden, or scary. But the truth is Kundalini is very natural, it is a vital part of your energy system, and it would never be dangerous to you! Working with your Kundalini can be transformative, enlightening, and incredibly healing. Your Kundalini naturally supports balance, vitality in the body, health and wellness, and deepens the integration of your body and spirit. When harnessed and directed for your own use, it can be a powerful agent of change and a profound healing for your body and spirit.

This is a group class experience that gives you real, tangible, life-applicable meditation and healing tools to turn on and fire up your Kundalini Energy! Building on the basic tools taught in our Psychic Meditation Class, you will be guided into a space of exploration with your Kundalini energy. The reason some people find Kundalini "scary" is that it can be unpredictable - but in this class, that will be part of the fun!


Psychic Meditation for Actors & Performers Class
Thursdays starting September 12th

The Psychic Meditation Class presents meditation tools and techniques to help you develop and become confident in your own psychic abilities. The Psychic Meditation for Actors & Performing Artists Class does this through a lense of the unique energies that performers of all kinds handle and work with every day - both in your career and in your personal life.

This class gives you real, tangible, life-applicable tools that are easy to work with every single day. This style of meditation is active, creative, and fun. It’s meditation for people who have trouble meditating!

A painter works with color. A musician works with sound. A writer with words. Performers work with energy—onstage and offstage, alone and with others. Mastering the ability to work with energy elevates a performance.

In this five week class, you’ll learn how to access your own energy to become a stronger, clearer, and more impactful performer. You’ll gain the power to command a room and capture an audience’s attention. You’ll also learn tools and techniques for releasing energies that aren’t yours - that get in the way of your expression, creativity, and strength as a performer.

But more importantly, those who work with these techniques find that their performances leave them energized rather than depleted and find connection with audiences in a more intimate way. With these tools they are also able to relate powerfully to their inner selves and bring their whole self to each role or experiecne - which is where the alchemy of a masterful performance is created.

There are many ways to learn acting techniques (acting styles, movement, and vocal techniques, script analysis etc.) but this class is completely different. It focuses instead on the art of BEING a performer, which is something that many find lacking in their training and are seeking in their artistic lives. 

In times past, actors, storytellers, and musicians were part of the spiritual core of a community and society. The performer no longer seems relevant to our culture beyond entertainment because our performers haven't claimed this space for themselves. This work aims to bring that expansive sense of self and purpose back to the craft of the performing artist.

The Psychic Meditation Class

Available at 4 different times in September!
This essential five week class is a pre-requisite for all our training programs and further study at our school.

  • In Portland on Tuesdays for five weeks starting Tuesday, September 10th at 7pm-9pm with Shannon Swallow

  • Online Mondays for five weeks starting Monday, September 9th at 12pm-1:30pm PST with William Pacholski

  • Online Saturdays for five weeks starting Saturday, September 7th at 11am PST with Kris Cahill

  • Online Sundays for five weeks starting Sunday, September 8th at 9:30am PST with Myan Binder

New Advanced Meditation and Healing Classes this Fall


Creating & Having Miracles

A psychic retreat in beautiful and other-worldly Sedona, Arizona

Summer Solstice, June 2020

Thursday, June 18, 2020
Sunday, June 21, 2020

All students of Portland Psychic School who have completed Psychic Meditation Class either in-person or Online. All current and past students in good standing are welcome to enroll in this incredible, once in a lifetime experience.

Want to learn more about Portland Psychic School or inquire about a Training Program?

Book an appointment with William Pacholski below, or email at

WIlliam Pacholski