July 2019 Issue

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Featured In this Issue, our light and easy summer edition:

  • The Art of the Seer : Clairvoyant Training - Begins July 10th (in Portland) and July 14th (Online)

  • Energy Healing Bootcamp - July 11th, 13th & 14th

  • July Open Houses - Come learn about PPS

  • Portland Psychic School partners with Squarespace

  • Advanced Meditation & Healing Workshops & Classes this Fall

  • Recorded Classes for On-Demand Study

  • New Psychic Meditation Class Dates in July

Enrollment is OPEN

The Art of the Seer : Clairvoyant Training


Enrollment is open for our Art of The Seer : Clairvoyant Training. This incredible year long program is broken up into two parts, July-December and January-June. The training consists of a weekly class and a minimum of two practice sessions in our Clairvoyant Reading Lab Space, a teacher-led opportunity to practice and hone your skills in a safe and constructive environment.

The training is available both online via webcam and in-person. The only pre-requisite for this training is The Psychic Meditation Class, which is offered several times a semester, including two upcoming online classes that you can take to fulfill the requirement even for the in-person training.

  • The Online Class is on Sundays at 11am Pacific Time / 2pm Eastern Time / 7pm London Time

  • The Portland Class is on Wednesdays at 7pm

  • Reading Labs are self-selecting and available at a variety of days and times throughout the week.

For more information, contact William Pacholski or book an enrollment meeting online or in Portland here.

Energy Healing

July 3 Day Bootcamp


Energy Healing at Portland Psychic School is about directing energy in a safe and controlled way in your own or some other space to create a healing effect. The techniques that we teach create - in every instance - a unique opportunity in that time and place for change, growth, and movement. It is not about channeling outside or other energies as a healing, it is about owning your personal strength, value, and power as a healer to create change in the energy in and around you.

Energy Healing Bootcamp - A 3 day healing immersion course In Portland

  • Thursday July 11th - 7pm-9pm, Saturday July 13th - 2:30pm-4:30pm, Sunday July 14th - 2:30pm-4:30pm

  • Fulfills the pre-requisite for the Art of the Healer Training that starts in October 2019

  • Students who complete the bootcamp receive 10 of our Energy Healing Drop-Ins to practice their healing skills, complimentary

  • Psychic Meditation Class is a pre-requisite, Everyone who has completed that class is welcome to enroll. See our upcoming meditation class times here.

PPS partners with Squarespace

To celebrate the anniversary of the company’s new corporate office in Portland, we were invited to give readings to their employees! This was as part of a wellness month, full of self-healing options for their teams.


  • 90 employees received readings over 2 days

  • 6 staff readers and 2 Clairvoyant Students participated both online and in person

  • Average 1 gallon of water consumed per psychic reader/per day

  • 4-5 bathroom breaks per well-hydrated psychic reader/per day 

  • 24 hours of reading total

Ryan Fukuda and Rachel Trujillo from PPS with our Squarespace clients

Ryan Fukuda and Rachel Trujillo from PPS with our Squarespace clients

I had a profound experience giving readings to such an awesome, diverse and willing group, for most their first psychic reading; There was an ease of magic that was had by all who participated. It was tons of fun and I’m so appreciative of the opportunity!
— Rachel Trijillo
The readings at Squarespace were magical! What a pleasure to read such lovely people. Can’t wait to do it again.
— Emily Robinson
It was so much fun saying hello to so many different people! Seeing the depth and variety of life is beautiful. I love witnessing others and their life being seen too. So many people are looking to simply to be seen and for their life, as it is, to be acknowledged. It was amazing to watch people open up and respond to being seen. Such a healing for everyone! Myself too!
— Tieara Myers
This event was amazing because I did 10 minute readings back to back, had fun and had almost all of those that I read pleasantly surprised that the reading was exactly what they needed to hear.
— Anna Long
I loved reading at this event, it was so fun and validating! Everyone I gave a reading to was experiencing new growth and changes. People were stepping up at work, creating new self image pictures, and having more in their lives. This is my favorite kind of event to read at, because the energy is in movement, and everyone I worked with could receive and have a spiritual hello.
— Kris Cahill


Portland Psychic School
Open Houses

Come meet students and teachers, get sample readings and healings, ask questions and see how study with us works online via webcam or in-person!

In Portland

July 8th at 6pm


July 6th at 2pm

Click here to learn more and Sign up!

Energy Healing Drop-Ins

Every Monday at 6pm in Portland, $10
Receive Energy Healings from our students and teachers

Click here to learn more and Sign up!

New 5 Week Meditation & Healing Classes this Fall

These are some of the new upcoming classes we’re offering in person and online this fall. Click the photo to learn more and enroll! The Psychic Meditation Class is a pre-requisite for these offerings.

Recorded Classes for On-Demand Study

These classes are available for streaming and download; take the class on your own time when convenient for you.

The Psychic Meditation Class

New Classes Start this Month!

The Psychic Meditation Class presents meditation tools and techniques to help you develop and become confident in your own psychic abilities. This class gives you real, tangible, life-applicable tools that are easy to work with every single day. This style of meditation is active, creative, and fun. This foundation level class is a pre-requisite for all study at the school, meets once a week for five weeks and costs $325.

Spend some time this summer giving to yourself the gift of looking inward, to heal yourself and find your center with a meditation class focused on the creativity of spirit, your psychic ability to be aware of energy, and the power of being-ness!


Next Classes Available:

In Portland

  • Mondays for four weeks starting Monday, July 29th at 7pm-9pm with Emily Robinson


  • Saturdays for five weeks starting Saturday, July 27th at 11am-1pm PST with Myan Binder

  • Mondays for five weeks starting Monday, July 29th at 12pm-1:30pm PST with William Pacholski