May 2019 Issue

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  • Enrollment for July Trainings is open! Make an appointment today.

  • Next Psychic Meditation Classes - including a Summer Bootcamp!

  • Clairvoyant Graduate Workshops and Bootcamps in June

  • The Women of PPS Speak Out!

  • Open Houses in Portland and Online for May

  • Get in touch with PPS

  • June Clairvoyant Graduation & Psychic Celebration - Free!

  • Downloadable Meditation Classes

  • New Advanced Meditation Class offered in July/August

Special Announcement

July 2019 Training Programs
Enrollment is Open!

Spend six months or a year focusing on your own energy, your own psychic abilities, and your own mastery of self with our creative and dynamic training programs both online and in Portland!


The Art of the Seer: Clairvoyant Training
Offered both Online & in Portland

Women’s Advanced Clairvoyant Training Part 1
Offered Online

The Art of the Dreamer: Astral Body Healer Training Part 1
Offered Online

To enroll, you first complete The Psychic Meditation Class and then set up an enrollment meeting with William, Shannon, or Ryan. We’ll go over the Training agreement and all the details, and you can ask all your questions!

The Psychic Meditation Class

Our foundation level class for all new students at PPS.
Available at several different times during the week!


Saturdays for five weeks starting May 4th at 11am PST with Kris Cahill
Starts this Saturday!

Mondays for five weeks starting May 6th at 12pm PST with William Pacholski
**Designed specially for International Students, 8pm London time!

In Portland

Special Summer Bootcamp!
4 Classes instead of 5, but 2.5 hours each
Special time so you can get home to enjoy the evening!

For four weeks, starting Tuesdays, June 4th 6:30pm-9:00pm

Clairvoyant Graduate Workshops

Single Day and Bootcamp Offerings available this May & June. Come refresh your tools or build new skills. Make new mockups, get a hello, and take a next step!

GLOW(CT): The Gorgeous Ladies of Women’s Clairvoyant Training

As these were rolling into my inbox, I swear I almost cried six times. There are no words that can adequately express what it’s been like to grow & transform alongside these amazing women. They all have their own unique experiences to share, but one common theme emerged: that while this training was intense & rough at times—like stepping into a wrestling ring—none of us would change it for the world. The transformations & takeaways far outweighed the knockouts. So without further ado, it’s my absolute pleasure to present to you…the gorgeous ladies of WCT! - Rachael

Growing up I learned to run male energy in order to achieve my goals and I was validated for doing so by society. The Women’s Clairvoyant Training opened up a door for me and I was able to see what it means to be validated as woman. It might sound weird, but I feel like I have a whole new life unfolding around me. I have the power to create the things that I, as whole person, desire. Like magic, but it’s just me being me!
— Fernanda Battistini
If I had to sum up my experience in one phrase it would be, ‘transformation on steroids!’ My personal transformation was not only strong, but it was a transformation within the deeper layers of my psyche and subconscious, which is why it felt so powerful. The realizations, visions, and discoveries that I’ve learned—not only about myself as a woman, but also as a spirit—are absolutely priceless. I always believed I was ready to grow and I’ve always been pretty damn transparent with myself about my truths and shortcomings, but there were so many aspects I wasn’t aware of still lurking in the shadows. Only after I got over the initial shock of their discovery and struggle to truly accept them as an aspect of myself, was I able to gain my footing and seniority in my transformation. I was able to learn what it meant and how it truly felt to let go of control (or lack of it), which then revealed (like a cloud moving across the sky to unblock the sun) a deeper truth, which was that I have full undeniable trust in and for myself! Mind blowing! To come out of this program having not only found myself, but truly trusting in that self, is something words can’t describe or give justice to! I am and will always be in such gratitude for Shannon and all the other teachers at Portland Psychic School. My life is forever transformed by this program!
— Krissy Lee Brunner
During my time at Portland Psychic School I have had a mockup to find someone, a partner, to teach me how to give and receive unconditional love. What I didn’t know is that the world around me is a direct reflection of myself. I had to first learn how to love me, for everything that I am and everything that I’m not. Only then could I find what I was actually looking for, which was wholeness within myself outside of the validation of others. This is what the Women’s Training has given me—a journey of separating out from others’ expectations of who I should be and how I should run my energy as a woman, so that I can finally accept and love every part of my being. This growing love for self has reset the tone in my life and in my relationships with friends, family, and in the workplace. With this level of space, I have endless possibilities to create for myself and complete trust in the process.
— Lauren Crumpler
What I have received through this training is a deep sense of agency regarding how I run my energy as a woman. I get to decide how, why, and when I run my energy and most importantly, I have permission to be fluid with it. I have the permission to change—to create who I am in any given day or work my bigger picture mock-up for being a woman in this lifetime. Throughout the training I have developed a connection to and relationship with my own power, which has given me a sense of freedom and trust in myself that I couldn’t have previously imagined was possible. It’s been amazing to see myself change and how the transformations occurring are transferable to my real life.
— Rebecca Jones
It’s been about 10 months and I can confidently say that joining this program was one of the most powerful and important things I’ve ever done for myself. I’m more connected to my personal purpose as well as more comfortable showing up in my life and business and truly being seen. I’m somehow gentler and more powerful than ever...and this is my truth. It feels good to have found myself again.
— Anna Long
Everything I’ve done at PPS throughout my history as a student has been about helping me navigate the world as a sensitive and creative individual. To live my life the way I want to live it—free from the opinions and judgments of others. The Women’s Clairvoyant Training helped me ‘level up’ in this regard because I now feel comfortable and powerful navigating the world as a woman. I no longer feel the need to control everything. I no longer feel the pressure to heal everyone I encounter. I’m no longer responsible for everyone. I’m like JLO: ‘I ain’t gonna do your laundry, I ain’t yo momma!’
— Rachael Starbard
As I prepare to step out of the Women’s Clairvoyant Training, I realize I finally feel like an adult, powerful woman. The woman I have always wanted to be, but seemed just beyond reach. I feel at home in my body—my female body—and with my female energy. I feel safely feminine. I trust in myself and in my spirit—in ways that were unimaginable a year ago. For over a decade, I felt like I didn’t have permission to make art, which was a big part of my life prior to that point. I felt like I had to be perfect and I didn’t want to be seen. After this training, I have a voice that I am not ashamed of. I have a body that wants to be noticed. I make art and I am excited to do so—not to impress anyone, but to beautify my own spaces even more. I no longer let the pursuit of perfection hold me back and understand that I am going to be seen in different ways by others based on their own filters. Shannon, Sheyla, and the incredible group of women I spent this journey with, all helped to accelerate this remarkable change that has taken place within me. This kind of growth could have taken a lifetime (or longer) and I am so grateful to have been a part of the 2018/19 Women’s Clairvoyant Training cohort.
— Fiona Yun


Join us at our Monthly Open Houses

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Monday, May 6th at 6pm


Saturday, May 4th at 2pm

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Save the Date
Clairvoyant Graduation & Psychic Celebration
Sunday, June 9th at the Ace Hotel Portland
1:00pm - 2:30pm

Everyone is invited to this free event!
Snacks, Revelry, and Free Mini Readings & Healings!


The Path of the Mystic
an Advanced Meditation Class Audio Download
with William Pacholski

Class topics are: 
Class 1 - The Mystic in the World : Defining being a Mystic in the World
Class 2 - The Mystic in Relationships : Exploring Solitude & Multitude
Class 3 - The Mystic in Society : Your relationship to Work, Vocation, and Calling
Class 4 - The Mystic in Culture : The Quest for Truth & Beauty
Class 5 - The Mystic in our Time : Time, Death, & Spiritual Freedom

Being Psychic @ Work
an Advanced Meditation Class Audio Download Class
with Kris Cahill

Advanced Psychic Meditation


A Brand New 5 Week Class this Fall
Featuring Additional Meditation Tools and Techniques!

This class is designed as a next step from The Psychic Meditation Class, or for students who are looking for a space to return to the basics and bolster their meditation practice through working directly with a teacher, in a supportive group environment. Whatever your experience working with Psychic Meditation, this class will feature brand new tools and concepts that will deepen your ability to go within to find your own answers through meditation.

  • Work with the Chakras with specificity in a way that bolsters your creativity in life and art

  • Create conscious communication with other people in a way that is validating and efficient

  • Have a deepening understanding and ownership of your psychic space with new tools to go further inward through meditation

  • Remove energy that isn’t yours more efficiently and replace it with your own energy faster

  • Deepen and add mastery to your Meditation practice

  • Have your creative and psychic abilities turned on and more real in your life

  • Be safe when you have your psychic abilities on among groups of people - be psychic in a way that isn’t overwhelming or scary - and is actually fun!

  • Connect to your own affinity, value, and passion in a way that invites opportunities in your life for expression and creativity

In Portland
Thursdays at 7pm starting August 1st
with Rebecca Jones

Saturdays at 11am starting July 27th with Carrie Baum

The Psychic Meditation Class is a pre-requisite, Everyone who has completed that class is welcome to enroll. See our upcoming meditation class times here.

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