April 2019 Issue

In This issue:

  • PPS’ First Retreat Weekend in Sedona, AZ

  • Upcoming Psychic Meditation Class Dates

  • Energy Healing Bootcamp and Training begin in April

  • Advanced Clairvoyant Trainings for the July 2019 Semester

  • Being Psychic @ Work Class with Kris Cahill

  • Women’s Intuition & Healing Class with Sheyla De Jesus

  • Clairvoyant Conversation with Tieara Myers

  • Free Astral Workshop for Clairvoyant Students in April

  • Animal Communication Clairvoyant Workshop Reflections

  • Open Houses in Portland and Online

  • Thoughts on the Women’s Clairvoyant Training with Rachael

  • Clairvoyant Graduation Date Announced

  • Path of the Mystic Advanced Meditation Class Download

Special Announcement - PPS’ First Retreat Weekend

Creating and Having Miracles

A psychic retreat in beautiful and other-worldly Sedona, Arizona on the Summer Solstice, June 2020


Everyone wants a miracle. People ask for and pray for miracles all the time, to heal their pain, solve their problems, and get them out of jams! But have you considered your relationship to the energy of miracles as a psychic and an energy-sensitive person? Have you ever stopped to look for yourself at what a miracle would really be, or how you would respond to one if it happened?

Miracles are happening all around us. The easy thing is to explain them away, to ignore them, or to simply dull sensitivity to this powerful energy. The harder thing is to allow them to happen and to be aware, conscious, and say hello to the miracles happening to you and around you every single day. This is where working Clairvoyance can help you open your awareness to the magical, otherworldly things occurring all the time.

Leveraging the unique energy in the Northern Hemisphere at the Summer Solstice - and the otherworldly and magical energy at this unique geographic location, we’ll use Psychic Meditation, Energy Healing, and Clairvoyant tools to create the Miraculous.

Are you ready to be in a growth period about Creating and Having Miracles for the next year?

This retreat is available for all students who have completed The Psychic Meditation Class.

The Psychic Meditation Class

Our foundation level class for all new students at PPS.
Now available at three times!


Saturdays for five weeks starting April 13th at 5pm with William Pacholski
**Designed for International Students

In Portland

Tuesdays for five weeks starting April 23rd at 7pm with Shannon Swallow


Saturdays for five weeks starting April 27th at 11am with Kris Cahill
**Designed for students in all time zones

Announcing the Energy Healing Bootcamp
and Art of the Healer : Energy Healing Training begins in April


A 3 day healing immersion class In Portland

  • Thursday, April 11th @ 7pm-9pm with Emily Robinson

  • Saturday, April 13th @ 2pm-4pm with Ryan Fukuda

  • Sunday, April 14th @ 2pm-4pm with William Pacholski

Perfect for fulfilling the pre-requisite for the Art of the Healer Training that starts April 15th.

Tuition is $250 for the three-day class and your tuition can be applied to the first month’s tuition of the Art of the Healer Training.

Psychic Meditation Class is a pre-requisite, Everyone who has completed that class is welcome to enroll. See our upcoming meditation class times here.

Advanced Clairvoyant Trainings
Available for the July 2019 Semester
For graduates of the year-long Art of the Seer : Clairvoyant Training


Women’s Clairvoyant Training Part 1 ONLINE
A Six Month Advanced Training
with Shannon Swallow

Special info session available for interested students on Sunday, April 28th at 2pm. Click below for details.


Astral Body Healer Training Part 1 ONLINE
A Six Month Advanced Training
with Ryan Fukuda

Special info session available for interested students on Saturday, April 27th at 2pm. See the interview with Ryan below for details.

Being Psychic @ Work
A new Advanced Psychic Meditation 5-week Class
Online starting Monday, April 22nd


Have you ever thought about what it means to be a psychic in the workplace? I have. A lot, actually. I’ve thought back to old jobs when I wasn’t conscious to my psychic abilities. I used to be an editor and I found that in order to edit, I needed to read the words out loud to myself. It was the only way I could make sure the sentences flowed and sounded right. I also would catch grammatical errors more if I edited in this way. I didn’t know it was weird—I’d been doing it my whole life as a student, writing and editing my own papers. But as I entered into the publishing industry, this was frowned upon in a quiet, cubical atmosphere. As you can imagine, I didn’t last long. 

Since starting clairvoyant training and becoming “psychic-ly woke,” I had an entirely new realization. At my previous job, I was “turning off” my psychic abilities. Compartmentalizing my life, in a way. I was only a practicing psychic in my free time. There were many reasons for this; one being that operating in my 3rdchakra and in a state of “uber-control, doing” was all I knew. But also I was matching to the company’s programming and aligning to the spiritual agreements I signed when I accepted the position. As soon as I became conscious to this and started working the energy, I was punished. Hard. I lost my space about it so it wasn’t funny at the time, but really—howvfunny? I didn’t have any space to be the psychic-me I wanted to be, which was to just ‘be.’ Being me actually wasn’tallowed in this work environment. This is exactly what the ‘Being Psychic at Work’ class is all about and something teacher Kris Cahill will touch on. 

“A lot of people have pictures that being at work means you don’t have any space. Being psychic at work actually means you can create space. When I look at being psychic at work, essentially what I see is being able to have your space at work and being able to work energy so it works for you,” says Kris.

For a long time I fought the programming. I wasn’t at gold and was in so much judgment of how the company was choosing to run, which actually was very corporate despite what they were trying to portray. 

“Corporate programming is something we were all raised with,” explains Kris. “You can see it. People go to work and they’re plugged in right at that 3rdchakra level. It’s all about doing; it’s not about being. And being psychic at work means you actually get to be. It doesn’t mean you’re going to change the corporate culture. The only way it will change for the better is when people grow and change. It’s not worth fighting it or trying to tell it it’s wrong. It’s more like saying, ‘here’s what I’m bringing.’” 

I had to blow up that job. My answer and what worked for me, was to quit. But out of that I got to create something new. The act of me quitting wasmoving energy and now I work for a non-profit, in a totally different energy, that fits me in present time. 

Students in the class will be working mockups around being psychic at work; can you use your abilities and have your spirit with you at work? Because that’s really what being psychic at work means according to Kris:

“So many people drag their body to work and drop it off because they’re bored or it’s too much to handle. So being psychic at work, even if you’re at a job that’s not fulfilling you, you can use those abilities to direct your energy to creating the job you want. Being psychic is very much about directing energy and being able to create.”

If you’re wondering, I still edit by reading aloud. In fact, I’m quietly reading this out loud to myself in a coffee shop right now—next to the gentleman moodily sipping espresso while reading Hemingway and the budding writer working on the next great, American short story. Their energies both scream, “I need it to be silent in order to create!” So what’s the difference? I just don’t give a crap anymore. In other words: I have my space.

Kris Cahill has been creating employment for herself & passionate about looking at energy in business & the world, for 40 years. Being Psychic at Work is a 5-week advanced meditation class and begins April 22ndat 6pm, online.


Women’s Intuition & Healing Class
in Portland starting April 27th
with Sheyla DeJesus

For students who have completed The Psychic Meditation Class.

A Clairvoyant Conversation with Tieara Myers
Online Clairvoyant Training Teacher


Put two sassy, creative women in a room talking about their passions & watch out. Chatting with Tieara Myers, CT teacher & artist, brought me to a level of excitement I feel when I’m working on a creative project—her energy is that contagious. Our culture puts a lot of emphasis on defining who we are in terms of what we “do” & we’re raised with that programming, but what if the definition of you is just…you? I left this interview misty-eyed (I’m not crying, YOU’RE CRYING) & in awe of the language Tieara speaks, which is so beautifully profound. 

RMS: I understand working with color as a psychic & I have a basic understanding of how artists work with color. How are you working with color as a psychic artist?

TM: “So I work with it in two different ways. Sometimes it’s just intuitive and I the pick colors I love that day. Then I add them to whatever material I’m using, whether that’s paper or a canvas. From there I play with it—swirling or blowing it around to create patterns or shapes on the canvas. Sometimes I know how it’s going to turn out, but most of the time I don’t. It’s a really fun part of the process of experiencing the colors in the moment and seeing what happens—what’s created. The colors also represent me and where I’m at in that moment.”

RMS: Are there times where you get very specific about what colors you choose to work with?

TM: “Yes! Usually when I’m being very specific I’m working with gold. So on purpose, I will create colors that work well with gold. I’ll create maybe swirling patterns that have a sunset motion and the source of it is gold at the center. Or I’ll add gold into [other] colors. And it’s really healing, in a weird way, as an artist. It’s because the gold sparkles and has movement—it has this depth and quality to it that contrasts the other colors. It also makes them even more beautiful at the same time.”

RMS: At PPS we work in the Clairvoyant Training with the color vibration of gold—forgiveness. Are you incorporating that energy when you’re working with that color in a piece?

TM: “Lately, yes. I’ve been working with gold on purpose. I’m getting ready to explore an art series in looking at the different layers, qualities, and textures that different [shades of] gold have, which is fascinating to me. Especially when it’s in marble because it reflects upward in 3D. Just by seeing it, you can really experience that color. I want to have an entire gold series where [the viewer] can have their own relationship with the color. It’s literally in your face and what are you experiencing when you look at it—through each vibration of gold? And then eventually coming to a gold, in the last piece in the series, where you can see your own reflection in it. So you can literally see yourself in gold, which I am so excited about.”

RMS: Possibly a silly question, kind of like what came first: the chicken or the egg—do you feel like you identified as an artist or psychic first?

TM: “Actually…I did not identify as an artist until now, even though I’ve been making art for years. Most of my life has been about making art, but only in the last year have I been like, ‘Oh I’m an artist? What is this? What’s happening?!’ Except I’ve always been an artist. It’s only now come to the surface in a new way that is more real for me.”  

RMS: As a creative person, there’s so much energy around identifying yourself as such. I know it took me (and it’s still weird to say out loud) a long time to say, “I’m a writer” because there’s so many pictures about what it means to be a writer. For example, “if you’re not published then you’re not a writer.”

TM: “Right? If you don’t make it the way the art community or writers’ group does it, then is it valid? Except for…it is. I work with acrylic pours which in a lot of ways is classified as DIY or a craft. ‘Oh that’s just a hobby’ when actually it’s so clearly art. And I had to work through a lot of that energy so that I could get to a place where I could say, ‘Actually this is art and I amselling it. Maybe the world hasn’t caught up and cleared its pictures in a while about what art is, but I can be here even if everyone else isn’t. It’s okay.’”

RMS: It sounds like exploring your psychic self has helped you clear energy around you as the artist.

TM: “Over time, yeah. Absolutely. But it took a while. It took several different ways of creating art to get to this point. But as I’m stepping up as a teacher—teaching in the Clairvoyant Training—that ownership of ‘this is what I’m doing and I’m committed’ has transformed how I think about the rest of my life. I’m committed. I’m committed to the art. I’m committed to being a teacher and giving psychic readings. I’m committed to this path. Whereas before I was like, ‘Oh yeah, I’m just kind of doing this thing. I hope it works out.’”

RMS: So it’s the same energy.

TM: “It’s one picture and the picture is, I’m me. There are all these things within me, but the overall theme of the picture is it’s just me. I’m committing to me and being myself.” 

RMS: What were your experiences when you first started psychic school?

TM: “My first [psychic] classes, it was just nice to be in a community with other people who spoke the same language. People who understood where I was coming from with my experiences of being psychic, in the way I think and navigate the world, which is very much artistically, creatively, on my own path, and different. Actually what I’m saying is, I speak through energy. It can change, be fluid, and it’s not always the same. That makes the way I converse with people different and it was nice to find that community. I was verydifferent back then. I’ve grown and that artistic expression came into my life. I changed my life. Instead of painting on a canvas, I just painted my life.” 

Cue 4th chakra from stage left. Tieara is a CT teacher & Thursday night lab monitor at Portland Psychic School Online as well as offers professional psychic readings & beautiful artistic creations. Definitely BOLO for upcoming classes with this woman & don’t MISS OUT. 

Interested in seeing more of Tieara’s art? Check out her etsy store.

Into the Astral: A Clairvoyant Workshop (ONLINE)
Saturday, April 27th

5 {Astral} Questions with Ryan Fukuda


I know you’re looking at this interview & thinking, “Okay Rach, this is definitely more than 5 questions.” And my response to you is this: you are absolutely correct. I don’t live in a world made up of self-imposed rules & neither does the Observer. YOU’RE WELCOME. Got silly with this one—demanding astral haikus, discussing naps & talking pop culture references—but at the heart of it all, Ryan shares why he’s so passionate about teaching astral & how it’s enhanced his life. When someone uses phrases like, “a higher level of creating and destroying” & “it’s all about freedom” while describing the astral training, it’s easy to see why.

1. Word on the street is there’s a FREE Astral workshop coming up. Can you confirm or deny this?

“Yes! It’s called ‘Into the Astral’ and it’s for students who have graduated from CTL1 who are interested in taking Astral Level 1 in July. Or anyone who is enticed or interested to see what the energy is like, because really we’ll be talking about what is the astral/astral body and then what are your mockups? I’ll be teaching a few things, we’ll be looking at energy, and there’s a Q&A.”

2. Describe the Astral Training in 5 words or less.

“Ohhh this is good. Sleep, better, find, your, dreams!”

*BONUS* follow-up question: I should have asked for a haiku. Can you write me one?

“[Laughs] I know, right?! Maybe I’ll right one for you.”

3. Why are you passionate about the astral?

“I’m really creating from spirit—the spirit of me. I get in touch with the part of me that isn’t necessarily bound by everything that’s happening in my daily life. It’s like being able to daydream. When you daydream, you’re not thinking about what’s happening or real right now. You’re dreaming about what you desire and what you want to happen in your life. I get excited about the journey towardsthat and not necessarily attaining the ‘thing.’ So that’s why I’m passionate about it. I feel like as I teach this more and more, I’mgetting my dreams. My creativity is turning on. I dream more.”

*BONUS* follow-up question: How has learning about the astral or teaching it impacted your life?

“For me, it’s really simple. It’s very clear to me that everything happens in the energy first. I like that I’m always growing in this space of being able to work from the dream or spirit part of me, and then being able to really bring that forth in my life. I’m a filmmaker and I love creating comic books. I’m able to dream up things I didn’t think I could! I really enjoy working in my dream space to bring forth what I want to bring into my productions or comic books. A lot of times when I’m working on a project and I’m stuck, I’ll go to sleep for a couple hours, wake up and have my answer. I don’t sit around and think about how do I solve this problem. I just let go. I go on the astral and allow the spirit of me to work it out. Since doing this work, I realized that I’ve been able to let go a little bit more. So it’s the opposite of ‘working hard’ and more like, ‘actually I’m just going to go to sleep right now and let it solve itself.’

**Follow UP to the follow-up question: How many people have you pissed off?! Because people have these pictures that you have to “do, do, do” or be in action and you’re just like, “I’m gonna go to take a nap.”

“Well that’s the story of my life. It always looks like I’m not working or I’m not working hard enough, but actually I’m working energetically and in a different way. I am doing work, there’s just not a lot of effort involved or as much effort on the body. I’m working from the astral body or from spirit. There’s so much more happening behind the scenes. I’m working energy and more conscious of what’s happening because I’m doing the work as a psychic.”

4. Popular culture references astral projecting and the astral plane A LOT. Do you have any thoughts on that?

“Recently there was a Marvel movie that came out called Doctor Strange. I was so…I almost wanted to cry because I was so excited. I’m actually a big Marvel movie fan because I’m a comic book fan, so when that movie came out—the philosophy, how they were talking about energy, astral projection and even how they showed it visually…I was like, ‘Oh my god. They did they’re homework!’ Of course there will always be the fictional aspect and they have to make it fantastical because its Marvel, but the way one of the characters spoke of energy and chakras…I was blown away. We’re getting closer and closer to being seen in pop culture as psychics and as a society to talking about this stuff. So that was one instance where I was actually excited.”

*BONUS* follow up question: Any movies or TV shows you’ve seen where they just completely got it wrong?

“Ohhhh. There is this movie on Netflix and I can’t remember the name, but they were talking about dreams. It was so scientific. All about looking into the subconscious and very Freudian, which is all great but it takes away the magic. The magic of what’s happening. There’s a whole other world and life happening [on the astral] beyond this physical world here, and we’re trying to figure it out. It’s like trying to figure out how big the universe is, but the universe is infinite. Same thing with the astral; everyone wants to find the answer around how this all works, but it’s actually an exploratory space! This is where we work as spirit. You can’t intellectualize spirit, so don’t even try. But you can find your own answer about it and utilize this space to dream and bring forth what you want into the world.”

5. Anything else you’d like to say about Astral Level 1? No restrictions on word count.

“Level 1 is really all about learning how to let go and dream. It’s a big deal. Letting go of your daily life, but also not forgetting about it. Not avoiding it! It’s about giving yourself enough space and freedom to allow yourself to desire. Allow yourself to dream. Allow yourself to go create. The best part about it is bringing it back in and seeing what happens. It’s basically mockups on acid.”

Oh YOU KNOW I got that haiku. What kind of English major & haiku-enthusiast would I be if I didn’t?!  

ASTRAL HAIKU by Ryan Fukuda

dream and you will see

a life worth imagining

mockups on acid.

The free Into the Astral Workshop is on April 27th from 2-4pm & enrollment opens for the Art of the Dreamer: Astral Training beginning May 1st. 

In March, PPS held a magical Animal Communication Workshop with psychic teacher Myan Binder from Miami, Florida.

“So a Hedgehog, Lizard, and a Cockatoo Walk Into a Bar…”

I’ll admit, I was very nervous the day of this workshop. It wasn’t my truth—actually I was very excited to be there. But the energy around communicating with animals, at least for me, has always been surrounded in fear. An experience I’ll never forget for as long as I live, involved a Cooper’s hawk before I had any psychic training. It was just as I was starting to wake up to the notion that I might be a little bit psychic. One morning as I was getting ready for work, the crows outside were goingcrazy. From the window of my house, I could see a hawk taunting two crows. Before I got in my car, I decided to go observe the commotion for a few minutes. As soon as I stepped into my yard, the hawk put its attention on me and started talking. I think about 10 minutes passed because I remember thinking I was going to be late for work, but I couldn’t move. I was transfixed. The whole encounter ended with the hawk flying directly at my head and then turning at the last minute to fly off to somewhere else.

Maybe the hawk was telling me how angry it was that I interrupted it in its pursuit of a meal or maybe it was trying to tell me something entirely different, but I walked away from that experience changed. And the Animal Communication workshop with Myan Binder was another one for the books. 

My experience at this workshop was profound. I got to, in a safe and grounded space, practice communicating with live animals. Three lovely ladies from Party Animal NW introduced us to Penelope the African Hedgehog, Hugo the Argentine Tegu lizard, and Casper the Umbrella Cockatoo. They were all amazing animals to work with, but Casper really honed in on me. He wanted me to communicate that he was lonely and desperately wants a companion. I lost my space when he told me that, for sure, and handled energy around saying it out loud. How do you tell the caretaker, delicately, that the bird is lonely?! But Casper was determined and waited for me to recover. 

What I got to have, wasn’t just learning a new tool and putting it into practice. I was able to get my space with communicating with an animal and clear all my fear pictures that, in actuality, were not my pictures at all. I learned that, just like with people, we can have matches with animals. And how cool is it, that on a Saturday afternoon with a couple of animals, all of us who attended got to blow some matching pictures?! 

Truly magical.


Join us at our Monthly Open Houses
In Portland & Online

“I’d Like to Thank the Academy…”
Thoughts on the Women’s Clairvoyant Training


Hi. I’m Rachael Minton Starbard and I’m currently in the final arch of the Advanced Women’s Clairvoyant Training. I feel like that’s something I should announce every time I enter a room, like I’m at some sort of AA meeting, just so they know what energy is about to hit them. Unfortunately, it’s hard to explain what I’ve been up to this past year in a way that gives the training justice. When people ask I end up responding in some routine fashion, “It’s an advanced level clairvoyant training where we look at what it means to be a woman in this lifetime.” At month nine, I say that sentence without taking a breath.

I wanted to write this feature explaining how I’m a radically different person from who I was a year ago, but that would require some tangible examples. Clearing the unconsciousness when it comes to your own vulnerability is a thing. I’ll begin by saying, I started this year-long training much like the others: absolutely no idea why I was doing it. 

Now that’s a slight exaggeration. 

I at least had a little more clarity last July, than when I started CTL1 two years ago (insert one of William’s favorite stories to tell new students here). I knew my spirit had mocked up to be in WCT a very long time ago, so that made my decision easy. Still, I’m sure if you asked Shannon to pull the mockup section of the class agreement, you’d find something pretty vague written there. I think I wrote something like, “I want to keep clearing unconsciousness.” 

Bravo, Rach. 

“And the award for ‘Most Obvious and Basic Bitch’ goes to…!”

Sometimes I exhaust even myself.

I think the best way to describe what I’m trying to say, is I’ve always been on a path to find my own voice. To find myself. To find my truth. Many people express wanting this. And maybe they’re able to reach a level of it (the hashtag #livingmytruth has over 21k posts on Instagram), but until you move everyone out and all you’re left with is you, how can you really know? There was a pivotal moment for me this month in WCT where everything went quiet. You don’t realize how loud the world is until you turn it off. Leading up to this moment, I had been on a journey of separating out—in energy and in body from everything that didn’t align with me. That’s another thing the Women’s Training gave me: a clear knowing of what was my energy versus someone else’s, but on crack. 

Or Diet Coke.

Pick your poison. 

Every thing I could possibly need is within me. And if it’s not, I’m empowered to attract it. All I need to do is trust. Trust in my ability as a woman.

I have this picture that I could simply state “I’m in a women’s clairvoyant training” and people would instantly know what I mean. Who knows? Maybe one day they will.

Stay tuned for more insights from the first graduating class of WCT in a future issue of the Clairvoyant Observer. Enrollment begins May 1stfor the next round of Advanced Women’s CT & the fun begins July 2019.


Save the Date
Clairvoyant Graduation & Psychic Celebration
Sunday, June 9th at the Ace Hotel Portland
Everyone is invited to this free event!


The Path of the Mystic
an Advanced Meditation Class Audio Download
with William Pacholski

Class topics are: 
Class 1 - The Mystic in the World : Defining being a Mystic in the World
Class 2 - The Mystic in Relationships : Exploring Solitude & Multitude
Class 3 - The Mystic in Society : Your relationship to Work, Vocation, and Calling
Class 4 - The Mystic in Culture : The Quest for Truth & Beauty
Class 5 - The Mystic in our Time : Time, Death, & Spiritual Freedom

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