March 2019 Issue

In This issue:

  • March Open House in Portland and now Online!

  • March Healing Drop-In Schedule

  • New Astral Body Healings & Women’s Healings

  • Women’s Intuition & Healing Class Online and Energy Healing Class in March

  • New Energy Healer Training begins in April

  • Animal Communication Clairvoyant Workshop Update

  • New Advanced Meditation Classes in April and for Download

  • A handy list of upcoming classes and trainings this spring

  • I’m taking submissions for the new “ask a Clairvoyant” feature!

  • A new blog post by PPS Director William Pacholski

Monthly Open Houses in March


Each month, we are hosting Open Houses so that people can come get a taste for what we’re creating at Portland Psychic School - both in person and online. These Open Houses have a special energy set at saying hello to new people and creating a space for interested students to ask questions and get information from both our teachers and students about their experiences at the school.

Our first Online Open House is coming up on Saturday, March 9 from 2:00-3:00pm, and is overseen by Kris Cahill and Tieara Myers.

In Portland, our March Open House will focus on health & wellness! March is the start of spring & new growth. What areas of your life are you wanting to transform & bloom? What new experiences are you looking to have? Healers of all levels will offer healings, each bringing their own unique vibration to the healing. 

The Open House will also discuss upcoming trainings and classes - staff will be on hand to answer your questions. Come get a healing, chat with a current student & clear energy around growth! The in person Open House is overseen by Emily Robinson.

Energy Healing Drop-In Topics for March
Available in Portland


Another month is upon us and that means another series of Healing Drop-Ins! March is all about health. Some of the topics will include financial, emotional & physical health. Each Monday, the tone will be set to clear energy around one of these themes. These drop-ins are a great introduction to the school with the opportunity to clear energy without all the talking & “doing.” Not to mention, they’re cheap. $10 to sit in healing energy & the potential to receive from several healers? Pretty good deal!

  • March Theme : Health and Wellness

  • Monday March 4th: Open House/Health and Wellness

  • Monday March 11th: Financial Health

  • Monday March 18th: Emotional Health

  • Monday March 25th: Body Health

New Offerings this Spring
Astral Body Healings & Women’s Healings

I’ve received both of these healings, but it was still hard to put into words what I experienced & what they are. All I know is after my astral body healing, I was set on a course of rediscovering my identity and affinity—who I am and what I love. After my women’s healing, I left feeling like jell-o (but like, the good kind. Lime or berry-blue—NOT orange). Like I had just dropped fifty bags of sand and I could finally go home & sleep. I understand my personal experiences are not exactly helpful (kinds of jell-o? Really, Rachael?!), so I’ve consulted with the experts, Astral teacher Ryan Fukuda & Women’s CT teacher Shannon Swallow, to provide you with more information!

Astral Body Healings
An interview with Ryan Fukuda

An astral body healing is about getting your space with your dreams and bringing your dreams into your waking life. “Everything happens in energy first and we don’t really think about that in [today’s] society. That’s what the astral training is all about and that’s what the healers bring into the healing,” explained Ryan. Your astral body is the part or aspect of you that goes to dream at night as opposed to your physical body, which is used to move you about in your waking life. 

So what is the “thing” in your life right now that you could use a healing around? What are you dreaming or hoping for? The Astral Healers can give you a healing around it on an astral level so you can bring it in on a body level.


Astral Healings are available starting in March on Thursdays, online and in-person, at 7pm & 8pm.

Women’s Healings
An interview with Shannon Swallow

The women’s healings are a profound hello and offer women a chance to get a healing around something they don’t always pay attention to, which is that female aspect of them. “We always go, ‘Oh we take care of our bodies! We get massages or we have a meditation practice or we go to acupuncture. But very rarely when someone is actually nurturing themselves do they look at what’s happening in their female space,” says Shannon. The benefit of this healing is the woman gets the healing, as opposed to other healings we offer at the school that say hello to the astral body or the aura. This healing says hello to the power of [that woman], the feminine divine in her, the receptivity and magnetism of her—all of these aspects of the female energy that are super important for a woman to access in her lifetime, but there’s such little permission for it in our society.

The Women’s Healings are a very different healing from all the other healings we offer at PPS. They provide a woman with a sacred space set at permission and void of judgment to release energy in a way they might not be able to anywhere else in their life.


Women’s Healings are offered on Thursday nights starting in late March! Signups coming soon!

Women’s Healing & Intuition Class Online
The Energy Healing Class in Portland
5-week Healing Classes in March

Women’s Intuition & Healing Class Online
Just sitting in a room with Sheyla De Jesus, chatting about the upcoming Women’s Healing & Intuition Class she’s teaching, I felt my vibration lighten. Everything about me became softer; even my voice. My female energy woke up. We laughed (several times & for many seconds), we exclaimed “YAS, WOMEN” and had the most illuminatingly beautiful conversation about female energy & what it means to have a female body. 

 What is this class all about?
“Essentially this class is learning about your own female energy—where in your life you’ve been running it, where you’ve been running more of your own male energy and learning the differences between the two. Also what kind of effect does [each energy] have on your life? Because you have a female body, looking at the effect and what changes as you start to run more of your female energy, is the magic. What are you wanting to attract as a woman? Everyone can have a spirit, but the big deal is you have a body. Society is always teaching us to “work really hard” and that’s not what female energy is.”

 What is female energy?
“Female energy is really light! Not saying male energy is heavy—it’s just a lower vibration. Female energy is the energy of attraction and receptivity.”

 So do you mean like, less “doing” and more “being”…?
“Yes. More ‘being present to receive.’”

 Right. Receiving (audible grimace & Sheyla laughs). Sorry! The energy of “receiving” is a theme that’s really lit for me lately. It’s can be so hard to “receive” things, especially as a woman! Why is that?
“I think for most women, it’s really easy to put someone else in front of you; your child, parent, job, pet…whatever the ‘thing’ is. It’s easier to give to the other person, or whatever it is, than it is to just ‘be’ and receive. There’s a lot of judgment on that and women tend to handle all of that [judgment] notknowingthat’s what’s happening. So then a woman can go into resistance about running in that way.”

 Especially if our culture validates running energy from a space of ‘doing,’ it makes sense that a woman feels like she should ‘give’ all the time. 
“Exactly. And are you just a mom? Just a wife? Just a manager at a restaurant? No. You’re a woman and there’s something else. That’s what makes all those things work! Becauseyou are a woman, you can do both. We’re not saying don’t ever run your male energy, but you have a choice now. I think this class really highlights the choice.”

 THAT’S RIGHT, DAMMIT! Okay so, who is this class for?
Women. Women who want to change their lives and have a connection with their own female space. Women who want transformation because that’s what the energy does; it transforms you. This class is for women who are ready to be fearless. Ready to grow and be in relationship with themselves. Have that love affair with themselves and move out the [energies of] guilt and judgment.”

 Anything else to know about this amazing class?
There’s also a healing aspect to this class, so students will learn how to give healings to themselves and to other women! Also, I don’t think many women are aware of where in their life they are running more male energy as opposed to more female energy. That awareness can bring about a huge change in your life. Just knowing the difference between your own male and female energies and where in your life you’re running each of them can be transformative.”

The Women’s Intuition and Healing Class starts on Online this coming Saturday, March 16th at 2pm. Click here to enroll.


The Energy Healing Class
A five week class with Emily Robinson begins Thursdays, March 14th at 7pm-9pm. This class is a pre-requisite for the Energy Healer Training that begins in April.

The Energy Healing Class is an extraordinary class. Whether you are an experienced healer or just beginning on your path of healing, this class teaches essential tools and techniques for working with and handling psychic energy in any healing setting. 

This extra-ordinary class teaches techniques to give someone else a healing without giving your energy away; but it also teaches our unique form of working with psychic energy that enables you to heal yourself while healing others. 

Meditation is all about going in, Healing is all about going out. In a healing, you are actively directing and changing energy in your space, in the space around you, and in someone else's space. Giving and receiving healing can be a powerful and exciting thing. 

This is a five week, group class experience that gives you real, tangible, life-applicable meditation and healing tools to turn on your healing superpowers and get excited about working with energy in a new way! Building on the basic tools taught in our Psychic Meditation Class, you will be guided into a space of exploration working with energy as a healing force. Psychic Energy Healing is about directing and changing energy for yourself and for others. Healing is tactile, so most of this class will be spent practicing and experiencing giving and receiving energy healing in a safe, teacher-led space.


The Art of the Healer Training Begins in April! This is a brand new training program at PPS, and is only available in-person.


PPS is debuting a sparkly, brand-new healer training & quite frankly after talking with Emily Robinson & Ryan Fukuda, I’m jealous—jealous because my healing training wasn’t this structured. My healing training is a piecemeal path that’s not easily tracked on map. But when I think about it, that doesn’t diminish what I got to have as a healer—not in the slightest. Why? Because I still got to have ‘gold.’ As I learned how to work gold energy in someone’s space, I was also learning how to work it in mine. Actually ‘feeling’ gold is what is so transformative. There are many inspirational quotes out there about forgiveness, but until you’ve felt the energy by working with Gold in a healing, it can be hard to know how to truly be in the vibration of forgiveness. And I’m not just talking about forgiving someone else. I’m not talking about that at all, actually. The most important thing I learned from ‘gold’ is the power self-forgiveness. Because when I boiled down the dregs of a situation & looked at the bottom of the pot, what I found was that I wasn’t really angry with (insert name here). I was angry with myself. And it’s the endless cycle of feeling bad & punishment we sit in that’s the killer.

What is this training all about?
“It really focuses on healing the relationship between yourself and others. Pretty much everything in life is grounded in relationships! When you’re giving a healing to someone, it’s all about the relationship between you and that person and clearing the energy. [At PPS] we really set the tone that ‘all healing is self-healing,’ so when you’re learning how to give a healing you’re also receiving. To me [healing is] all about relationships. All the information is in the space in between. That’s my big thing. Like, the space between you and another person—that’s where the information is and often where things get muddled. But if you can feel it and work it, you can heal it. So when you’re trying to heal a situation, you’re working the space in between.”
Ryan: “It’s about having intimacy with yourself and intimacy with others. It’s also about knowing when to heal and not to heal. That’s a big thing. Over-healing is common, especially with healers. And that’s not a judgment on them! You’re not coming into this training to learn how to be a healer; you’re already a healer. But how do you have a healing for yourself? How do you have discernment in terms of when to heal and when to not heal? When to give someone space and when to not? How to be in relationship with people and give them the space to be themselves, rather than try to solve or fix them? This is what this training is all about.”

What is someone is drawn to this training, but isn’t sure if this is for them because they aren’t, let’s say, a body worker (massage therapist, acupuncturist, etc.)? Who is this training for?
“We will certainly get a lot of body workers and we welcome them! I think this training is also amazing for empaths; sensitive people who don’t really know how to protect themselves and their energy, especially when they are engaging with another person.”
Ryan: “It’s not just about health and wellness. There are people, like you, who work in the service industry—healers. Estheticians, hair stylists, nurses, teachers, even a bus driver—all healers. It isn’t necessarily just for people who are in caretaking or service jobs either. Some people just set the tone of a room instantly when they walk in. You know, ‘Grace is always so happy all the time!’ and ‘Every time I see Grace I just feel so much better!’ That’s being a healer. This training isn’t just for someone who is already interested in their own health and wellness or do some sort of healing work already; it’s also for those people who ‘give’ all the time.”

Final thoughts?
“It’s going to be so awesome! We will of course work the chakras, aura, body channels and systems—but also a lot of new & exciting stuff. Students will get to work with spirit guides who have a talent for healing. We’re thinking about the possibility of bringing in some yoga and movement into the training. Kundalini, house healings, group healings…yeah so many possibilities! There’s an opportunity to build your own practice from this or just have it for yourself.”
Ryan: “So you’re coming into the healing training to learn how to give these amazing healings, learn new techniques, maybe start your own practice—and those are all wonderful things—but you’re really coming in to learn how to finally give that healing to yourself and have your life. Have your wishes, hopes, and desires. And you get to just learn cool shit.”

This yearlong training starts April 15th. Prerequisites are The Psychic Meditation Class & The Energy Healing Class.

Animal Communication Workshop

Saturday, March 9th from 2pm-5pm and open to all current and Graduate Clairvoyant students.
Due to popular demand we had to open up more slots, the class is now capped at 15 and there are three slots left!

Read our interview with the guest teacher, Myan Binder, in last month’s Clairvoyant Observer.

The Psychic Meditation Class
Begins in Portland on Tuesday March 12th @ 7pm
Online Saturday March 17th @ 11am

It sounds very cliché, even worse putting it in writing, when I tell people that Psychic Meditation changed my life. So I usually try not to, but it’s true (& you can’t avoid truth no matter how hard you try). When I took the class three years ago, I had struggled with depression & anxiety my entire life. I had done all the things you’re supposed to do when you’re a perpetually unhappy person—medication for ten years, therapy, exercise, (& if you know me, you know I HATE running). I was exhausted, emotionally AND physically, & looking to try meditation. This class helped me discern my energy & truth from other peoples’ energy. I rediscovered my lightness. I realized that, actually, there wasn’t anything wrong with me. That concept alone was powerful. I asked our Psychic Meditation teachers, Kris Cahill and Shannon Swallow, for their thoughts on this extra-ordinary class.

What is Psychic Meditation all about?
“It’s the foundation class for everything we do at PPS. I taught my very first Psychic Meditation class in September 2000. I’ve been teaching this class for almost 20 years! It is such a fun class and I love teaching it online. I highly encourage people to sign on with video [as opposed to just calling in] because it’s fun to say hello to everyone. It can be a little scary at first to “be seen” in this new way, but the tone is set at such a light, fun ‘welcome’ vibration. It’s such a great class. People have miracles in that class all the time!”
Shannon: “We’re teaching people how to turn on and tune in to their ability to read energy and everyone does this naturally. When you walk into a room, for example, and go, ‘oh it feels good in here’ or ‘oh it feels bad in here.’ What are you doing? Well, you’re reading it, but except can you be conscious about what you’re experiencing and maybe even get more information? That’s the differences between someone walking into a room feeling the energy and someone who starts to hone their psychic ability. To be able to read it and experience it in a much more conscious way.”

What can someone expect from this class?
“First week we talk about energy awareness, being psychic, and grounding. So people are learning tools immediately that they can use thatweek. Because that’s what we [the teachers] do; encourage people to use these tools out in the world and for themselves.”
Shannon: “Where this class is valuable is people are so unconscious to how they are the effect of energy in their everyday lives. And this [work] starts to wake you up and help you tune in to where that’s the case, so you can start to change how you feel as you move through the world.”

 Who is this class for?
“For anyone. Period. It’s not just for people who are sensitive to energy. It’s for anyone who wants to be aware of the effect of energy. There are people who are less sensitive to energy and would still benefit from this class because everyone is the effect of the people and experiences around them—every single person. So it’s incredibly powerful and empowering to start to be in the driver’s seat with that rather than being blown by the wind.”

What would you say to someone who is worried they won't have the class as much because they aren't in Portland? 
“Yes, there is a difference between being in person and online. In person, well, you know, you're there in the room with people who live locally and can get to class. When you're in an online class, you can see and speak to people who live all over the country, and the world. There are often people in different time zones in the same online classroom. You get to attend class from a comfortable space in your own home, (which means you can, literally, attend class in your pj's if you want). It's a lot of fun to have a class this way! You get to study, live, with folks from all over, but what you end up finding is that everyone is there with similar interests, as well as a commitment to finding their own answers about how to have their energy working for them [just like in person].”

Shannon: “I think there’s value in both options! We offer online because we know that you can also have [the experience] just as much. There’s no real difference as far as what you can get out of the class.”

Screen Shot 2019-03-01 at 11.41.07 AM.png

New Advanced Meditation Classes

Being Psychic @ Work
Advanced Psychic Meditation Five Week Class
Online Starting Monday April 22nd at 6pm


The Path of the Mystic
Advanced Psychic Meditation Five Week Class
Available as an Audio Download

From childhood we begin hiding our inner self away. We learn to adapt and survive in the outside world. Our families and peers teach us socially acceptable behaviour to "fit in". Our educational system teaches us the technical and social skills we need to sustain a material life. Once we are adults we are thrust into a society geared towards creating for others and maintaining the status quo. But for the Mystic, there is something more to see, to know, to find - the original creative spark and essence of each person, and a space to create the life you long for. Each seeker's path is different and unique to their circumstances and experiences, and it isn't about belief, dogma, rules, and fitting into the group. Your path, as a mystic and a seeker, is about adopting the art of seeing and knowing your own energy - through direct experience of it. Psychic Meditation is one path inward towards experiencing your own energy. 

Each of the five classes is 90 minutes long and includes lectures and guided meditations that you can experience on your own. Because the topics covered in this class are in-depth and wide ranging, these meditations are designed to be revisited and practiced again and again. This class is taught by William Pacholski.

Class topics are: 
Class 1 - The Mystic in the World : Defining being a Mystic in the World
Class 2 - The Mystic in Relationships : Exploring Solitude & Multitude
Class 3 - The Mystic in Society : Your relationship to Work, Vocation, and Calling
Class 4 - The Mystic in Culture : The Mystic Quest for Truth & Beauty
Class 5 - The Mystic in our Time : Time, Death, & Spiritual Freedom


Full List of Upcoming Classes and Trainings this Spring

Ask a Clairvoyant!

In future issues, we’ll be doling out Clairvoyant advice about a variety of topics - being psychic, working Clairvoyantly, or being psychic out in the world. What are your burning questions? What’s that thing you’ve been dying to ask but always forget or haven’t had the courage?

Ask and we’ll poke around and get the best answers and information from the staff and teachers and feature it in future issues!

The Phantom Note


Most people think that they need to create Art with a capital "A" to be an artist - that's how they've dulled your life for you, and reduced you to your to-do lists and bank accounts and all the distractions. Your life is your canvas, and you are the artist. Learning to flex the muscle of reading energy for yourself and others, being in a space that is suspended between these two things, and then knowing yourself in your wholeness - and making it real - is an art. Being able to function in the real world, and also in the world of the spirit, of pictures, of energy - of psychic awareness - balancing those two things - that is artistry. Readings aren't necessarily meant to be "accurate" or about solving problems - leave that to the psychiatrists, doctors, lawyers, and life coaches. Reading is about seeing energy and saying what you see, from your neutral perspective - as a way of painting a picture for this person, so something inside of them moves, gets stimulated, and perhaps even starts to grow or change.