February 2019 Issue

In This issue:

  • An interview with guest teacher Myan Binder, who is teaching the new Animal Communication Workshop in March

  • A chat with William Pacholski about his Love after Love Workshop next weekend

  • Thoughts from Healing Teacher Emily Robinson on the new monthly Open Houses

  • I got some perspective on the new Men’s Readings from students in that training

  • Ryan Fukuda shares his passion for the Energy Healing Drop-Ins

  • I talked to this semester’s new staff about what it’s like to monitor readings and TA classes at Portland Psychic School

  • A handy list of upcoming classes and trainings this spring

  • I’m taking submissions for the new “ask a Clairvoyant” feature starting next month!


Just Announced : Animal Communication Workshop!

Myan Binder is traveling to PPS from Miami, Florida on March 9th to teach a dynamic, engaging, and super fun workshop on Animal Communication. The workshop is for current and graduated Clairvoyant Students, and will feature the opportunity to read LIVE animals at the school! I spoke with her about who she is and the workshop she is coming to teach.

When did you start working psychically with animals? “I was already doing psychic work with people and I had a friend who invited me to do readings for cats when I was still living in Chicago. It was a fundraiser at a shelter that was having a psychic fair and there were all these animal communicators there. That’s how I got started working with animals. I mean, I really was like, “I can’t read animals. What are you talking about?” My friend really convinced me. That’s really the first time I worked with animals in that way. I didn’t even have a pet as an adult and then all of a sudden I got really into working with animals from that experience. I realized: I can do this, I really enjoy it, and I’m good at it. So I got myself a pet! She was really my biggest teacher. She taught me how to trust myself. Since then I’ve had so many pets and so many experiences with animals. It’s just a regular part of my everyday life, communicating with animals. Especially my own pets.”

How many pets do you have currently? “Right now?! Right now five cats live in my house. Three I call my own cats—they’ve been with me for a long time. And then two of them I took in from outdoors about six months ago. My goal was to find them a home and that has not happened yet, so…right now I have five cats in my house. But I don’t have any other animals!”

What are some animals you’ve had in the past? “I used to have 6-7 pets in my house [at one time]: cats, guinea pig, lizard, rabbit, hamster, fish. So it was a much more eclectic crew before. My focus in the last year and a half has been cats. I’ve just been learning a lot about cats.”

What is it about cats? You got started with cats, have you always been drawn to them? “Well I just like animals. I like communicating with them. I like being in communion with them. I like just hanging out with them. This past year and a half has been a lot about cats. Cat rescue work, working with homeless cats, getting to know them and getting to know cat society and cat culture. The rescue culture which adds humans into the mix. But more of my interest has been in the culture of cats, which I feel like you see a lot in outdoor cats. They differ than in the house. Cats are really good at maintaining that wild animal instinct, because they own you. They own people. You can own a dog but you never really own a cat. They literally choose you and they suck you in and they’re like, “You’re mine and you will do whatever I say and you don’t even know what’s happening and then you’re like ‘F*ck I have five cats in my house now!’”

Let’s talk about this Animal Communication Workshop coming up—who is it for?
“The workshop is a simple workshop. It’s open to all Clairvoyant students, which will be fun because we get to be a little more advanced. We get to just dive right in.”

What are these advanced things you speak of? “We’re going to be exploring telepathy and clairvoyance, and then how to pair the two together. That’s how I work with animals; it’s not just one or the other. It really is a mixture of all of it. And it’s fun to put all of those things together.”

Any other surprises in store? “The tricky part is we’re not only learning how to tap into our ability to communicate with animals, but also how do you communicate with an animal and a person about their animal during a pet reading? That’s a whole other thing to get your space with. Have you ever communicated with a person about their kid?! It’s sensitive. This is something else we will cover.”

What would you tell someone who loves animals and maybe feels drawn to this workshop, but is thinking to themselves, “Yeah but I don’t read animals so I shouldn’t go.” “Well I mean, you should definitely go if you like animals even if you don’t know how to [read them]. That would be like, negating your own thing! 

And in terms of “I can’t communicate with animals,” well if you’re psychic, actually if you’re a human being, you can communicate with animals because you are an animal. It’s just about tuning into that part of you. We never use that part of ourselves growing up because we’re taught that verbal communication is the only communication. Animals work with nonverbal and body language communication. They’ll sniff and fight each other, you know? And humans are like, ‘We’re so refined; we don’t do that!’ But if you have a kid who can’t talk yet, they use all of those nonverbal cues, right? We have to train ourselves to tap into what we already have and know. I think in any psychic class, you’re not learning something that you don’t know. You’re bringing out something that’s already there that you just aren’t aware of yet or haven’t honed in on in a way that helps you to use it for yourself in your life. Also animals are the perfect teachers! They aren’t going to be like, ‘Oh you didn’t read me!’ Animals don’t work from a place of judgment. And if they did have judgments, they aren’t necessarily going to tell all your friends.”

Final Clairvoyant Thoughts with Myan: “I think it’s going to be a really fun workshop, in my opinion! I love animals and one of my ‘things’ is I really want to change how humans and animals have relationships in the world. It’s kind of a mess right now, just like we are a mess with each other. That piece about being able to actually communicate with an animal is a huge piece in shifting things. We often project our own thoughts and emotions onto animals. To be able to give animals a voice to be able to say what’s really going on would shift so much in the relationship we have with them.”

The Animal Communication Workshop will be on Saturday, March 9th from 2pm-5pm and is open to all current and Graduate Clairvoyant students.


Love After Love - A Clairvoyant Workshop

William Pacholski is teaching a brand new workshop on getting energy in movement and creating new mockups in your romantic and love space - just in time for Valentine’s Day. The workshop is for current and graduated Clairvoyant Students, and will feature a special new Clairvoyant tool for attracting love to your space.

Ever think about all the baggage you’re carrying around from past relationships? Yeah, me neither. Actually I actively try NOT to think about it. I call it conscious unconsciousness. I sat down with William, who is teaching the upcoming Love After Love Workshop, and we talked about just that. Except of course he had a much better way of explaining it: “If you’re always looking for cups you will never see the plate. Even if the plate is right there, you’ll never see it because you’re like, ‘No but I’m looking for a cup!’” Okay so baggage, cups. Potato, Pahtahto? 

It’s easy to be conditioned by past relationships and not even realize it. For me, I’m very conscious to the fact that I immediately “swipe left” any man who’s in the military because of that one air force guy who broke my heart 6 years ago. I make a joke about it of course, but that’s a long time to be holding onto that energy! When we let the programming guide us instead of our own truth, we start comparing our past experiences to any potential new one, and the effect is that it’s limiting what we can create.

William has a few new tools and other surprises in store for anyone who is ready to donate their cups to goodwill, clear them out, and make room in their kitchen cabinet for some shiny new plates!

Love After Love Workshop is February 9th in Portland.


New Monthly Open Houses at Portland Psychic School

“I feel like I’d be really good at being a greeter at Walmart. I think that’s my best skill. I like greeting people. I like creating a space where people feel welcome and it’s fun and it’s light.” - Emily Robinson on why she’s so excited about the new Monthly Open House at PPS

Emily Robinson’s excitement about the new Monthly Open House at PPS is so contagious; I couldn’t help but instantly become excited myself. The desire to create a space where prospective students, current students, and teachers alike can interact is very personal to Emily and feeds several of her passion. One of her first introductions to the possibility that she might be psychic was attending an open house, “I think [going to open house] was the only way I could get into this work; I needed it to be safe…and it was also really light and didn’t involve a lot of commitment because there were a lot of things to do and experience with other people. I felt like it gave me space and permission to let my curiosity about my own psychic abilities open up.”

Once she started to take classes in psychic development, Emily still loved frequenting open houses because it also provided her with a safe environment to give readings and healings in a semi-professional setting. She was able to have a magical experience while not worrying about creating her own space, or inviting people to work with her in private appointments. There was a sense of magic in not knowing who was going to show up, and what she’d get to have. “It was a great way to work my certainty with everything that I was learning as a healer and a Clairvoyant. Practicing on new people is essential to mastering the tools and your own skill with them.”

Emily is excited to combine her love of hosting parties and meeting new people with getting energy in movement at the new PPS Open Houses!

The first Open House is February 4th and then on the first Monday of every month.


Men’s Readings

PPS is offering for the first time readings just for Men, and these are given by students in the Art of the Warrior : Advanced Clairvoyant Training on Thursday nights, online. I spoke with Jesus and Shea, the students in the training, about these new readings. It kind felt like going into the “no girls allowed” club house!

1. What is a Men’s Readings? 

JAD: “The readings, at least for me, are set at quietness and stillness. There’s also a “realness” to them. There’s this intimacy and simplicity to it. It’s not complicated.”

SS: “I feel like they are set at self-discovery and seeing things from a unique perspective. That’s the energy I’m kind of in right now with them. There’s not a lot of spaces available for men to look at their pictures, or their space, in way that is validating, and also away from the influences of family, friends and women.”

2. What are some of the things the Men’s Readings say hello to?

SS: “We really say hello to the different way men run energy. It is different and it’s misunderstood. Men have a different way of being and sometimes people might think something’s wrong when a man is running his male energy. It’s often perceived as a problem, but really it’s just being different. Men tend to run at a lower vibration, and simpler. So when a man is in that, everyone around him can be like, “wait, what’s wrong with you, how can I help you?” when really he’s just got his space and doesn’t need anything.

3. So it sounds like there’s a hint of something special about them…? 

JAD: “Yeah. We’re looking at the truth of that man and their male energy. Their particular truth regarding having their own unique male energy in their space. The readings are about looking at a man’s truth and drive, what he wants to accomplish or have in his life, and then what energy he’s been handling around it, and looking to see whether or not the way he’s running his energy is working for him. And it’s not always what you’d expect. We all run both male and female energy and I’ve learned that the balance between the two can be quite unique to the individual.”

4. It seems like male energy is a taboo or charged topic.

JAD: “There’s so much energy on this topic. So much unconsciousness and there’s energy that says it’s unsafe to look at, run, or even be aware of male energy. There’s no permission, on a societal level, to even talk about men’s energy as different, unique, or separate from female energy without punishing it or making it wrong. Most people have had a negative experience of male energy for whatever reason - but it is actually a very powerful, very healing vibration when it’s from a space of neutrality and truth.”

5. How has this experience been for you personally? 

JAD: “It feels revolutionary, and like something I’ve been wanting for a long long time, but didn’t know where to get it. But what I’ve become aware of recently is how I’ve actually felt in my male body, due to all the judgements I have had on myself as a male, and on men in general. So clearing some of that other energy out, now I feel like I’m rebuilding this relationship, which by the way, is the most important relationship - from scratch for the first time.”


Energy Healing Drop-Ins

PPS has been cultivating an energy healer training program over the last year, and this April will kick off the first ever Art of the Healer year long training. Ryan Fukuda and I sat down to talk about the Energy Healing Drop-Ins, which are offered every Monday night at PPS. These drop-ins are open to anyone who is interested in receiving a healing, and also healing students so they can practice.

Mondays used to be my least favorite day of the week. It meant the end of the weekend and the start of a new week at a job I hated in a life I didn’t own. Recently I realized that I wake up on Monday mornings like a kid going to their first pool party in June. And it’s all thanks to the Energy Healing Drop-In on Monday nights. I had a hard time articulating why I get so excited to go to Drop-In, so I asked Healing Teacher Ryan Fukuda his expert thoughts. 

Why would a current student want to attend a Healing Drop-In?
“One of the great things about the Energy Healing Drop-Ins is that if you’re in another program [not the healing program], then it’s a great way to move and clear energy. The more you come into school, the more you get to clear your space. So that’s where the drop-in is a wonderful place to get your mock-ups as a student. You also get to work with other students outside of your training. It’s also about the vibration of the healing or theme of the night. It’s about working energy together in a group and not about what level you’re at.”

Why would someone want to clear by healing instead of reading?
“It’s a lot faster! The healings are set at a completely different vibration than a clairvoyant reading. They are set at non-effort, much like a reading, but you’re really experiencing it from a different perspective—more feeling and directing energy as opposed to seeing it on a clairvoyant level and looking at it deeper. At the drop-in you’re not looking at energy, you’re moving and feeling energy.”

 Why would someone who is not a current student at the school want to attend?
“If you’re looking to work through something, but not by yourself. If there’s something going on in your life, like a breakup or transition at work, this is a great place to come in and move the energy and not feel like you have to process it and analyze it. It’s not a therapy session! You can just sit in the energy and receive. It’s a great atmosphere to be around people who aren’t necessarily looking at problems, but giving in a different way. The tone is set at fun. It’s a place to be in an awesome vibration with an awesome community who will let you exist where you’re at, versus being judged or somebody trying to solve things for you.”

This semester PPS invited three Graduate level students to participate as reading monitors in the Clairvoyant Training and as Teaching Assistants. I asked them to tell me a little bit about how that has been for them, and what they are experiencing.

What is your experience so far this semester as a monitor or a teaching assistant?

Lauren: “It’s like coming to work, but not having to do anything, fix anything, be responsible for anything. So I think that’s been a challenge for me! I’ve blown through so many 3rd chakra pictures that now I find myself in the 4th; really facing being ‘enough’ by just being myself, without having to fill my identity by doing. Being me is enough.”

Rebecca: “What I get to have as a TA so far is perspective. I’m like a fly on the wall and you know how flies have multiple eyes? There’s such diversity in the students in where they are working when they show up, so in a way each eye can see the variance in energy. There’s also this mirroring happening—the ability to see myself. I’ve only just started, but I get to see my whole journey at PPS for last two years. Where I was when I arrived and where I am now. How transformational this experience truly has been. I get to sit and have a clear view of it.”

Rachel: “I’m definitely in a ‘being seen’ growth period and I’m totally avoiding your question [laughs]. I’m learning how to have my own experience while not being responsible for the experiences of other. I get to explore my personal growth around seniority and certainty. I feel like I’m just showing up, blowing roses, and trying to have it. I don’t really have my answer yet.”

Upcoming Classes and Trainings

Ask a Clairvoyant!

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Ask and we’ll poke around and get the best answers and information from the staff and teachers and feature it in future issues!

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