Myan Binder


Myan has been very aware of energy since she was a child.   

Through meditation and healing, she was able to develop her abilities to be sensitive to the world around her in a way that was empowering. This journey lead her to become a healer, clairvoyant, animal communicator, and psychic teacher. 

Born and raised in Chicago, IL, she went to college at the University of Wisconsin where she studied painting.  After traveling around the world, she became a teacher, working with adult refugees as an ESL instructor, teaching preschool, and working at a spiritual center teaching psychic development classes.  She continued to do her healing work as well as began studying art direction at the Miami Ad School.  

This past spring she visited here to teach an Animal Communication Workshop at Portland Psychic School. She is working on creating new classes, workshops and experiences for the students at PPS.

Myan is available for Readings and Healings online. You can book with her by contact her directly at 1-833-284-3258 x 711 or via email at