The Art of the Warrior

Men's Advanced Clairvoyant Training Level 1


The Art of the Warrior : Men's Advanced Clairvoyant Training
with William Pacholski

Next training begins online January 11th, 2020

Weekly class is Saturdays at 11am-12:30pm pacific time
weekly lab is on Thursdays at 6pm-7:30pm Pacific Time

The art of the warrior is to balance the wonder and terror of being alive.
— Carlos Castaneda

The Art of the Warrior : Men's Advanced Clairvoyant Training is offered as an online program for graduates of the year long The Art of the Seer : Clairvoyant Training. This training builds on the tools, concepts, and techniques taught in the Art of the Seer: Clairvoyant Training by applying them specifically to the experience of being a psychic in a male body.

Today more than ever, sensitive and psychic men are caught between a rock and a hard place. Male energy is very misunderstood in our culture today; this training creates a space to get in touch with your own unique vibration of male energy.

On one hand, we require deep healing by reclaiming ancient wisdom which has been stolen from us over generations of co-opting by governments, family dynamics, wars, religions, and a social culture that encourages domination and aggressive “machismo” as the only ways of succeeding as a “man”.

On the other hand, there is an evolution of consciousness on the planet that will continue to require us to create new agreements about how we interact and interface with the world as men. Sensitive men today must both acknowledge the damage done in the past - and create a new future for themselves in this new paradigm without giving up that which is essentially - and fundamental - to the uniquely and still valuable experience of being in a male body.

This training is not a “feel good drum circle”, about male “empowerment”, connecting to the boy within/your inner child, using male energy “tricks” for subjugating or dominating others, or for promoting an us-vs-them ideology; at it’s very heart, this training is about finding who you are as your own man - so that you can heal and move on - to what you want to create for your life.

This experience presents specific tools and ways of reading energy so you can get clarity on your own pictures of masculinity, and say hello to this aspect in others, which can be very profound, and fun! For sensitive men, the information, tools, and techniques I've gathered, created, and refined is essential not only in the micro of day to day - but the macro in knowing and having ownership of where your ship of your life is pointed.

This program consists of a weekly 90 minute group class and a second time each week to exchange readings and healing with your classmates and outside reading clients each week, all overseen by knowledgeable and experienced psychic teachers.


  • Finding and becoming familiar with your own unique male energy vibration and male energy space.

  • Uncovering the energy of your unique male sexuality and male creativity.

  • Learning about your relationship to male identities and archetypes in your psychic space.

  • Seeing clearly the inner and outer effect of your male energy on the world.

  • Learning how one’s male energy affects their chakras and parts of the psychic anatomy.

  • Finding and owning your own pictures of success, mastery, vitality, and your lifetime mockups.

  • How to safely and effectively raise your spiritual vibration in a male body.

  • Working with past lives in your Akashic Records as a source of healing, knowledge, and power.

  • Different spiritual paths for men and understanding where you are learning and growing in your male experience.

    Email William Pacholski to Inquire further about this training. The Art of the Seer : Clairvoyant Training or a comparable training is a pre-requisite.