Kris Cahill


Creativity is a guiding and healing force in my life. From the time I was quite small, I invented things: I sewed, painted, drew, and wrote. As a child, I would visualize what I wanted to create, and then try to make my vision become real. My best teacher was my creativity, and fortunately I had supportive parents who encouraged me.

I graduated with a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and started to work for myself as a designer and artist. I’ve been a fashion and costume designer, photo stylist, set decorator, and I’ve painted and sold over 1000 of my own original paintings.

In 1999, my creative urge pushed me to take a psychic meditation class and learn how to have an awareness of energy. I began to understand from a deep place within that I could heal myself, and I saw this as a new form of creativity to explore. Turning on my clairvoyant ability deepened my resolve to work within my new art form: energy.

I knew early on as a clairvoyant student that I wanted to teach and help others see for themselves. Becoming a psychic teacher opened up a whole new world for me, one that I am grateful for every day.

That was 18 years ago, and since then I’ve taught thousands of students in trainings and classes ranging from Psychic Meditation, Energy Healing, Women’s Psychic Training, Kundalini Energy, to all levels of Clairvoyant Training. I’ve created numerous workshops and classes; Listen To Your Psychic Heart, Being Psychic With Your Money, Being Psychic in Relationships, Killing the Good Girl, Grounding Yourself, The Chakra Series, The Prosperity Class, Psychic Business Tools, and more.

As a psychic, I’m deeply committed to bringing body and spirit together. In my daily life, I have seen for myself how profoundly healing it is to do this work. I see my students and clients create positive change in ways they never thought they could or would. I’ve watched the miracles that happen when someone chooses to get to know their own truth, and heal themselves.

After moving to Los Angeles CA in 2006, I recreated myself as a psychic teacher and clairvoyant reader. Besides seeing private clients for clairvoyant readings, I teach workshops and classes in person and online. I’ve mentored and coached other psychic teachers who are getting started, and I offer Psychic Business Coaching to my clients who are working on their businesses and careers.

Kris also offers Energy Deprogramming One-on-One appointments for Graduates of the Clairvoyant Training. These sessions are $125.
She is available for Clairvoyant Student Meetings and New Student Information Appointments on Mondays and occasionally other days. You can book both of these using the tool below; scroll through the days until you find a slot that works for you.