Clairvoyant Immersion Weekends

2018/2019 Clairvoyant Immersion Weekend Dates

December 7-9, 2018

June 7-9, 2019

December 7-9, 2019


What are the Clairvoyant Immersion Weekends?

These weekends are three things. First and foremost, it is a concentrated weekend of unique Clairvoyant Classes and Guided Reading Time. Second, it is an opportunity for our out of town students to come to Portland and experience PPS and meet the in-person students and teachers! Finally, it serves as our twice a year graduation for the Training Programs. It’s a great opportunity for graduates to refresh their reading skills, upgrade their tools, and be back in the Clairvoyant energy. It's an opportunity to celebrate and acknowledge your classmates - and be celebrated and acknowledged! 

Who is invited? What is the cost?

Students who are currently enrolled in our Clairvoyant Training in-person, Women’s Clairvoyant Training, and Astral Body Training are invited to attend as part of their tuition. (No cost)
Students who are currently enrolling in our Online Clairvoyant Training L1 and L2 are invited to attend for a discounted price. ($175)
Graduates of our Clairvoyant Training are invited to participate, as are graduates of other Clairvoyant Trainings with the permission of the Director. ($250)

If you are traveling in for the event, you should budget for hotel, food, air and ground transportation (The MAX line goes to the airport for less than $5 each way, but takes an hour). If you are unable to attend the weekend, audio recordings of the classes will be made available so you can listen on your own time since these are included in your 24 classes per semester. 

What is the schedule for the weekend? 

The weekend is designed to be cumulative, so for maximum benefit of the energy work, it’s advised that you plan to attend all the classes.
Friday: Opening and Welcome Class with William is at PPS from 7pm-9:30pm(ish). There will be lots of time to meet other students, read with each other, and say hello!
Saturday: There are Two Classes, 10am-12pm and 2pm-4:30pm. 
Sunday: There is a class from 9:30am-12pm, followed by the Graduation and Open House where students will give readings and healings to each other and guests!
Graduation Ceremony and Celebration: 1pm-2:30pm. 

How do I enroll?

Contact William Pacholski at

If I'm traveling in, when and how should I arrive and leave? 

We recommend you arrive by late morning or early afternoon on Friday so you have a chance to get settled and then come over to the school to get your space and run energy in meditation before class. Sunday, you're welcome to leave anytime after 2:30pm! We do recommend you come for and stay for the entire weekend, as the experience is cumulative. Alaska is the most popular regional carrier but all the major airlines offer flights to PDX these days. Taxis to and from the airport to the NW Neighborhood are about $50-$55. Ubers and Lyfts are a little cheaper (in the $35 range). The Light Rail (MAX) is about $5 each way, but takes from 1-1.5 hours each way.

Where Should I Stay? Do I need a rental car?

These weekends are a lot of energy work! You're not going to have a lot of extra energy and bandwidth to manage coming to and from the school with a long commute. So while that airbnb 20 minutes away might be $20 cheaper a night; consider that you're not going to want to manage complicated commuting arrangements, and you'll still have to pay for either a rental car or a Lyft - you're going to want easy, close, and no-fuss. There are several great, local hotels, walking distance, at a variety of price points. I've listed some of them below. The June dates will be more expensive than the December as it is high travel season to Portland (and the weather is usually exceptional). Airbnb's are surprisingly hard to find in Portland because the city very closely regulates them. My advice is to spend extra on lodging to stay close. Lunch and dinner on Saturday are great times to socialize with the other students and there are a million great and reasonable restaurants near the school and downtown. Trust me, after 4+ hours of energy work and meditation, you're not going to want to go "home" to an airbnb by yourself and cook.  If you stay near the school, you shouldn't need a rental car (and the parking headache is not worth it.) Uber and Lyft are plentiful, and certainly in June the weather is great so you can mostly walk everywhere in the NW neighborhood (and downtown) in 20-30 minutes. 



Friday night class is held at:
Portland Psychic School
1722 NW Raleigh Street, #402
Portland, OR 972109


Saturday & Sunday Classes
and Graduation is held at
The Cleaners @ The Ace Hotel
(event space in the hotel complex)
1022 SW Stark St
Portland, OR 97205

Hotel Recommendations

Silver Cloud Hotel

Holiday Inn Express

Northrup Station

Marriott Residence Inn Pearl District

Hampton Inn & Suites Pearl District

Ace Hotel - Special Rate of 10% off, Mention Portland Psychic School

Anything Downtown will be a $10-$15 Uber/Lyft or a 20-30 minute walk (in good weather) from the school.


Visiting Portland Recommendations