Exploring the Boundless Universe: an Astral Travel Workshop


Exploring the Boundless Universe: an Astral Travel Workshop
For Astral Training Students and Astral Graduates

Monday, August 19th 2019
Online via Webcam, $65


This Astral Travel workshop is a 2-hour clairvoyant level workshop by Ryan Fukuda. It is available to any student who is currently enrolled in or a graduate of the Astral Training.

As a dreamer, you might have a mockup to explore something new or explore places that you might find interesting or exciting on the astral. When you work energy in your astral space, sometimes you might notice you're traveling to the same places, running into the same type of dreams, or that you're pulled to solve a problem.

In this Advanced Clairvoyant workshop, we will open up the active and dynamic energy of astral traveling and look at what might be influencing your havingness for this ability. It is a wonderful opportunity to open up freedom in your out of body experiences and your day-to-day life.