Emily Robinson

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Readings are $150
Healings are $100
Psychic Yoga Healings are $150

To book an appointment with Emily, contact her directly at: 
(773) 343-0293
or emily@portlandpsychic.school

I have always been interested in healing.  Since I can remember I always wanted to save the world.  When I first found yoga in 1999, I thought to myself, “If this can have such a profound change in me then I can save the world.”  And I went out seeking to do just that when I started teaching yoga in 2001.  

In 2007 I was introduced to yet another way of healing, working with my psychic abilities.  That took what I knew to a whole new level.  Now I not only had all of this body information from teaching yoga but now I was armed with psychic tools to help me navigate the spirit. My enthusiasm comes out where the physical and the spiritual meet; helping people to integrate the energy of their spirit more deeply into their bodies where they can have the experiences they desire. 

Over the last decade I have been teaching yoga and psychic classes to hundreds of people sharing what I know and helping people heal themselves and their lives.  I feel so blessed and honored to have these tools and that I get to teach them every day. I am excited to bring this knowledge and experience to PPS.   

My passion is to share this information with others so they can learn how to work the energy of their lives, own their power, live their truth and love their life!