Clairvoyant Training Staff

The students below have completed our Clairvoyant Training and at least one semester of advanced training, and are now giving to other students as reading or healing monitors and as teaching assistants in our training programs. They each offer professional readings at our school in Portland or online via webcam.


Rebecca Jones

I didn’t always recognize myself as a seer, but as a preschool teacher and business owner, I knew I was in the practice of understanding children’s energies, unveiling their underlying needs, and facilitating support, resolution, communication, and healing. I knew that my orientation in this work was intuitive, nuanced and energetic in nature. I also knew that I was giving away too much of my energy and slowly but surely depleting myself. I found myself on a journey of exploring various healing modalities, and along the way I stumbled into the Psychic Meditation Class at PPS. From the start I recognized that I had essentially been practicing a version of energy work without the tools to truly support myself (and ultimately others). It was a humbling and inspirational realization that led to a deep commitment to both the training and development of my clairvoyance and also the encouragement of others on their dynamic journeys of healing. I feel particularly affinity in working with healers, teachers, empaths, activists, social workers, entrepreneurs, and parents… those who know what it’s like to give their energy away with the well meaning intention of helping others.

Readings - $100


Rachel Trujillo

When I first came to Portland Psychic School as a student I was someone who willingly grabbed on to other's ideas and opinions not only about the world around me but also about myself. I felt confused about who I was and what I was truly meant to do with my life. I was so overwhelmed by other’s considerations of who I should be, could have been, and wanted to be that I never settled into a career or home. Adding to this, ever since childhood I was "quiet" and "shy." I always preferred to be alone where I was free to live out my perfect world in my imagination and daydreaming. Yet, I cringed at being called sensitive and tried to fit into the extroverted personality type because I thought they had more value and respect. I was often drained from this attempt which only added to my being overwhelmed. In my early 20's I began researching about different ways of healing. All my research, curiosity, and desire to heal not only my physical body but also my mental, emotional and spiritual self eventually led me to Portland Psychic School. At PPS I found so much more than I could have imagined. In learning how to read and heal with energy, I received my own beautiful truth. I can now see how being quiet and sensitive adds to my uniqueness, experience, and abilities in this life. I would like to read and heal those who are interested in knowing their own beautiful truth.

Readings - $75


Lauren Crumpler

From a very young age, I can remember feeling validated in my natural ability to emotionally heal others. Because of this, my life and sense of self was shaped by others expectations and ideas of who I should be. Coming from a conservative family on the east coast, I wasn’t exposed to the words “energy” or “empath” and the term “psychic” had a different connotation all together. As I grew into myself, I found I was always looking for something more in my experiences. I started a study of astrology in my early 20s and started to see psychics in search for answers. I found my way to Portland, Oregon, and stumbled onto Portland Psychic School - and I felt I had found what I was looking for. I jumped in with blind faith and naïveté. Im so glad I did, it has been an amazing journey so far! As a member of the Clairvoyant staff at PPS, I assist in the Reading Labs for the training, and am a Teaching Assistant in Level 2. As a professional reader, I am interested in helping people uncover their truth in readings that validate their one-of-a-kind, beautiful spirit!

Readings - $75


Carrie Baum

I never thought of myself as an empath or particularly psychic, just a sensitive person who wanted to help and to heal people. I graduated from New York University with a degree in Postcolonial Studies. Using a social justice lens, I studied how peoples’ understanding of their own identities can be deeply impacted by external forces–not just on the individual level, but on cultural and institutional levels as well. I worked in adult literacy programs and in refugee aid, helping people to find their own power and to create the lives they truly wanted.

My path took a detour when my son was born with severe medical and intellectual challenges. In time, I have been able to leverage our experience to help other families navigate the many difficult roads of the “special needs” life. Part of this journey has been necessary exploration of how to give attention to my own needs, separate from the giving roles of Mother/Wife/Caregiver.

This search led me to my first Psychic Meditation. The Clairvoyant Trainings opened up a way of seeing and being in the world that resonated with me on the deepest levels. With this awareness of energy, I learned to heal myself, to grow and create in ways I could not have imagined. Working with energy has had tremendously positive impact on all aspects of my life, but has been particularly magical in the day-to-day with my husband and children.

I love giving readings and feel honored to be able to give a “spiritual hello” or an Astral Healing. I continue to participate as teaching assistant in Clairvoyant Training classes and Student Reading Labs at Portland Psychic School.