Aura Readings

In Person at PPS and Online via Webcam

The Magic of an Aura Reading

Weekly Aura Reading Schedule for the term lasting July 17th - December 8th (All times are Pacific)

  • Mondays Online @ 12pm

  • Tuesdays Online @ 1pm

  • Wednesdays Online @ 5:30pm

  • Wednesdays in Portland @ 5:45pm

  • Thursdays Online @ 6pm and 7pm

  • Thursdays in Portland @5:30pm

  • Saturdays in Portland @ 11am and 12pm

Aura Readings are given by students in our Art of the Seer : Clairvoyant Training and last about 45 minutes. They cost $25.

Our students learn to go into a deep meditative state and look clairvoyantly at the energy in your aura. Each layer of your aura correlates to a different area or aspect of your life. They see energy as mental image pictures which are often dream-like, full of rich meaning, and contain an accurate depiction of where you are working with energy in these spaces. They describe the layers of your aura as they go, so it is always very clear what they are reading - and how it applies to your day to day life. The goal of an aura reading is not to tell your future, but to give you a full picture of the energies in your life and how they are interacting with you and how you are interacting with the world around you.

To book a student reading, please click the button above and follow the prompts. A credit card is required to book the appointment.If you're looking for a professional reading from one of our teachers, please click here

Online appointments are done via our free video conference software which you will be directed to download in advance of the reading. Please arrive or log on 5-10 minutes early and check out our resource guide so you have the best experience visiting the school both in-person and online. If you have questions about these readings, contact