The Art of the Dreamer : Astral Training Level 3


The Art of the Dreamer : Astral Training Level 3
William Pacholski

Next Class begins July 2020 ONLINE

All things manifesting in the lower worlds exist first in the intangible rings of the upper spheres, so that creation is, in truth, the process of making tangible the intangible.
— Manly P. Hall

In every age, people have tried to assemble all the knowledge and experience of their lives into a single system or model which would explain their relation to the universe - and their possibilities in it.

Some examples of past attempts include the Cathedral of Chartres, the Great Sphinx, the New Testament, the Divine Comedy, certain cosmic diagrams left by the 17th century alchemists, the Tarot deck, Western Astrology, Mandalas from the East, Labyrinths, and Tibetan banners. All of these different systems or models speak to a fundamental, spiritual experience of humankind and our place in the universe through different languages - or pictures.

All of these past models are exactly that - past. How do we experience the universe today? Things have changed quite a bit in the last 5 years, not to mention 10, 15, or 500. What is the new model for understanding our place in the universe? The Astral Body, and the experiences in your dreams - may hold an answer.

In Level 1 & Level 2 of The Art of the Dreamer Trainings there is an emphasis on healing the Astral Body - the part of your energy and spirit that functions and creates in your dreams. In Level 3, all of these experiences cumulate in an exploration into the healing effect of communication directly with the cosmos.

In this communication comes a deep, resonant, and experiential relationship to all things - both with-in and with-out. This is a psychic training that integrates on the deeper physical level ancient spiritual knowledge of the physical universe with the modern day creativity of spirit. It is astronomical, but not astrological.

In this six month training you are encouraged to assemble your own model of the universe - and your place in it - by looking inside of you and discovering that which has existed all along. You will learn not only how to read this in yourself and others, but how to heal the resonance one has with all things both exoteric and esoteric. Taught by William Pacholski, this class includes new reading and healing techniques you will practice each week, and a brand new - truly beautiful and awe inspiring - healing form.


  • The physical, mental, and spiritual structures of Consciousness

  • Space, Time, and Relativity : The Days and Lives of Inner and Outer Worlds

  • The Four States of Matter and how to create with them in your waking and sleeping life

  • The Music of the Spheres : The effect of Heavenly Bodies on the Human Body

  • Your physical, emotional, and psychic relationship to Lunar and Solar Energy

  • Understanding and Experiencing both Physical and Spiritual Time

  • Seeing and Healing Man as a Microcosm of the Universe