Art of the Seeker 


Psychic Meditation Training

Everything is energy. In our Psychic Meditation Class, which teaches the foundational tools for study at our school, you learn to direct attention inward through an extra-ordinary meditation style that focuses on discerning what is your energy, and what is not. The practice of Psychic Meditation is about going within to create; using energy tools and techniques to more deeply bring your creative spirit into your life and as a way of enhancing your personal, unique psychic abilities. 

Our Advanced Meditation Classes and Workshops take this information to a deeper, more transformative level. Psychic Meditation as a practice creates a clear, direct, and consistent pathway inwards so you can tap into and access your own unique energy and find your own unique energy and life-force - and from there, anything is possible. 

Psychic Meditation is not about perfection, stillness, clearing your mind, or being "in the moment" - these techniques take mindfulness a step further and focus on what happens after you get in the moment. This meditation style is active, creative, and dynamic. In the words of poet Mary Oliver,  "Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"