Anna Long

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While I've always felt a wee bit psychic, it was never anything I felt I had control of and I certainly didn't know how to turn it on or off. I also didn't trust it. 

At age 14, I began learning and performing energy healings with the help and training of a medical intuitive in my small town. For years I dabbled in energy healings with my friends for fun, but I let that part of my life fall to the wayside as I pursued advanced education and entrepreneurship. Who had the time for that stuff?!

When I stumbled onto the Portland Psychic School a few years back, I was seeking a solution to my biggest problem (MYSELF). I was frustrated because no matter how much self development and self care that I did, I wound up facing the same frustrating situations. There was a theme weaving itself through my life and I wanted to break the pattern. I had quit enough jobs, joined enough schools and moved to enough cities to know that changing my circumstances was not the solution.  
What started out as a 5 week meditation class, turned into 2 years of the most amazing schooling I've ever had the opportunity to partake in.

I've learned to SEE images, where I only used to "feel". I've learned to SEE life so clearly that sometimes I feel like I'm cheating since I always have the advantage! 

That same advantage is there for anyone who is ready to explore their own abilities. I'm passionate about helping others work through their own transformations whether it be through clairvoyant readings, women's healings, or supporting the Portland Psychic School as a reading lab monitor for the Women’s Clairvoyant Training.

Questions about a reading or having trouble making your appointment?
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