Animal Communication for Clairvoyants

  • Online // Sunday, August 18th at 2pm-4pm Pacific Time

  • Tuition for this workshop is $65 and includes the opportunity to interact with and communicate psychically with live animals in a safe setting

  • Open to students who are currently enrolled in or have completed the Art of the Seer : Clairvoyant Training

The Animal Communication Workshop is a specialty Clairvoyant level workshop taught by Myan Binder. It is available to any student who is currently enrolled or a graduate of The Art of the Seer : Clairvoyant Training.

Learn to talk to the animals using your psychic and Clairvoyant tools. 

If you are in the Clairvoyant Program or are a Graduate of the Clairvoyant Program, you will love this addition to your psychic skills!  Communicating with animals opens up a door to a whole new realm of being a psychic in the world.  It also gives you greater insight into your own pets and the animals around you!

  • Learn how to prepare to work with an animal as a psychic

  • Further Develop your Clairvoyant abilities to see what an animal wants to communicate to you

  • Learn about the psychic ability of telepathy - how it works and how it works for you

  • Practice techniques that help you open up to communicating with an animal telepathically

  • Learn how to combine Clairvoyance and Telepathy to communicate with an animal

  • Begin to learn how to work with people and their pets as a reader and healer

We live on the planet Earth, but there is an incredible disconnect between humans and other animals.  We are all living here together and we actually have a way to energetically connect and communicate with each other.  Communicating with animals is a magical experience, whether with your own pet, someone else's pet, an animal at the zoo or at a shelter, or the animals that live around you outside.  This workshop is an incredible exploration of the possibilities we have to create understanding and give a voice to all species living together on this beautiful planet.