Animal Communication Fundamentals

  • Online // Sunday, July 21st at 11am-1pm Pacific Time

  • Tuition for this workshop is $65

  • Open to students of all levels, including beginners or first time students at PPS

The Animal Communication Fundamentlas Workshop is a specialty Clairvoyant level workshop taught by Myan Binder. It is available to students of all levels, including beginners or first time students at PPS.

Learn to talk to the animals using psychic tools. 

As Humans, we are a part of a large family of sentient beings called Animals.  It is our birthright to be able to communicate with other animals on this planet.  By tapping into some of our psychic abilities, the world of communication opens ourselves up to our animal companions so we can better share, listen, learn, help, and create more understanding between us.

In this workshop you will learn to:

  • Center Your Attention within yourself so you can receive communication

  • Create a safe space for communication between species

  • Prepare your own energy to be appropriate for working with an animal

  • Tap into your pet’s energy in a way that validates - and is fun!

  • Receive mental image pictures about what they want to communicate to you

All animals communicate with each other via energy.  Communicating with other animals is a part of our evolution on this planet.  Now that we have mastered sound and words and language, we can reopen the door to our ability to communicate without having to speak out loud.  This kind of communication can be simple or deep, is not limited to human physical potential, and allows all animals to be in communion with each other.

The tools and techniques in this class are a great way to begin your Animal Communication journey!