Art of the Animal Communicator 


Tap into your psychic ability to talk - and listen - to animal companions.


Communicating with other animals is an innate ability you have inside of you because you are an animal too! In the Animal Communication Program you learn how to tap into your psychic abilities so you can explore your relationship with other animals in a way that is not limited to observing behavior, but to actually see, sense and know their thoughts, feelings, observations, and desires. These tools create a space where you can deepen your understanding of animal companions, the planet, and of course your own relationship to yourself as a psychic.

In the Animal Communication Fundamentals Workshop, you will learn how to center yourself so you can tap into your animal companion’s energy and see mental image pictures of what they are wanting to communicate to you. How are they feeling? What do they desire? What messages do they want to convey to you? This is a great way to begin your animal communication journey!

In the Animal Communication For Clairvoyants Workshop, you will take your Clairvoyant tools further into the realm of communicating with your pet and other animals. This workshop focuses on learning tools and techniques that help you turn on your telepathic abilities. You will also learn how to combine telepathy and clairvoyance in your practice with animals to create a dynamic communication and build your confidence relating and interacting with our furry, feathered, and scaly friends on the planet!