Andrew Staub


I come from a very intellectual family and profession (law), and feel very fortunate to have discovered the joy of turning on my psychic abilities and learning to use them for my own benefit and that of others. 

As a child, teen, and later an adult, I continually felt and absorbed other people’s feelings and energy, and was confused and sometimes overwhelmed by that experience. As a result, I limited the type and number of my experiences and relationships. I began my psychic training in 1994, and from that point forward became more and more empowered to create my experiences and relationships according to my desires. I then began teaching psychic tools in 1998 to help others discover this aspect of themselves.

From an early age I knew spiritual abilities existed. As a young teen, I read Robert A. Heinlein’s Stranger In A Strange Land, a classic science fiction book that validated being psychic. One of its key themes was that each person is a spiritual being inhabiting a physical body, and has spiritual as well as physical abilities (another key theme of this book portended the fraudulent televangelist movement that came a decade later!). My experience as a psychic reader, healer and teacher over almost 25 years has allowed me to grow and develop as a human being well beyond what I would have otherwise been able to do, and help others find their own answers, heal their bodies and spirits, and empower themselves to be fully who they are by safely expanding their psychic awareness and abilities. 

After having a professional reading, healing and teaching practice in Chicago for many years in which I taught students from beginning to highly advanced levels, I moved to Cuenca, Ecuador in 2014, initiating a new adventure in my life. And, through the internet, I have continued my worldwide psychic practice, while adjusting to my new culture. Settled in my South American home, I am excited to be teaching in the online program at the Portland Psychic School.

Readings are $180/hour, by phone or web.
Healings are $75/30 Minutes, by phone or web. 

Questions about a reading or having trouble making your appointment?
You can reach Andrew at 1-833-284-3258 x710 or by emailing him at
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