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At the Portland Psychic School we teach that being psychic is not about crystal balls, reading palms, telling fortunes, and lifting curses - being psychic is trusting your ability to sense, see, and know. Today's psychics are artists, creatives, entrepreneurs - dreamers, seekers, and visionaries - in other words, the people changing the world.

People study with our school to learn tools, share experiences, find community, and become more confident in their abilities. We teach workshops, classes, and training programs in Clairvoyance, Energy Healing, and Meditation. You work out or give self-care to your body in a gym - and to your mind through intellectual pursuits and your work. This is a place to cultivate your energy, or creative spirit!

The fun of being psychic today is deciding how you will apply this art and skill to your own creative goals and passions - and create magic for yourself everywhere you go.


Get an Exceptional Reading or Healing

Getting a reading or healing is a space of vulnerability. Allowing yourself to be seen by a psychic can be a scary thing! What will they see? What will they say? Our staff has spent years training and mastering their abilities so they can give an impactful and affecting reading or healing in a way that will feel clear and great - but also stimulate you in all the right ways! Each of our staff offers readings in Portland at our school and online; for those on a budget, the students in our training programs offer readings and healings starting at only $25.


Take a Psychic Class or Workshop

We offer a variety of one day, five week, or weekend bootcamp classes on a variety of topics including Meditation, Healing, Clairvoyance and more. All of our classes are available in Portland, online with a live teacher via webcam, or via audio download. Classes are a great way to learn valuable tools to turn on and turn up your psychic abilities and awareness of energy.


Enroll in a Psychic Training Program

Our training programs are an extraordinary commitment not only to being psychic - but having a mastery of it. We offer trainings in Clairvoyance and Energy Healing both online and at our school in Portland. They are meticulously designed to give you the support and structure you need as you learn both the basics and the next-level nuance of giving a professional reading or healing.