Candlelight Yoga + Energy Healing

  • In Portland, $20

  • Open to everyone, regardless of experience. This is a gentle, not athletic yoga class.

  • Next Classes:

    • December 2nd, 5:30pm-6:45pm

    • December 16th, 5:30pm-6:45pm

  • Bring your own mat or use one of ours!

  • Limited to 8 students so you get one-to-one attention from the teacher

At Portland Psychic School we teach energy healing and psychic meditation that has a focus on getting deeper and more into your body. Sometimes sitting in mediation or getting a reading or healing isn’t enough to help move out foreign energy from the chakras and aura - getting your body in movement can be a wonderful way to create more space for your unique energy to be present and creative in your space. It can create a stronger and more resilient spirit/body communication.

Experience a gentle yoga practice in the warmth of a candlelit room accompanied with a focus on psychic meditation tools, psychic energy healing and essential oils.  This special class is a mix of gentle flow, hatha and restorative postures.  A fantastic choice for all levels of students, and especially beginners, who are interested in a more relaxed and restorative practice. Even if you’re new to yoga, or just curious about how a body-based practice like yoga can be worked from psychic perspective with psychic tools, these classes are designed to give you a new opportunity to explore your space. Getting your body in movement can be a wonderful way of getting your spiritual mockups.

Emily Robinson has been teaching yoga for 17 years and a professional psychic and healer for over a decade.  She brings a sense of play and lightness to her classes creating a warm, relaxing and healing environment.