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The Future is Yours to Create - A New Year's Meditation Workshop ONLINE


Sunday, December 31st
11am - 1pm ONLINE via Webcam
Taught by William Pacholski
Open to Everyone

Meditation can be an effective tool to help release old energy patterns and limiting thoughts and move into the future with clarity and lightness. The New Year celebration (and the Full Moon) is an excellent time to use the focused power of meditation to align your energy to your own creative process, and release the blocks and barriers that prevent you from manifesting your goals, or simply having more of your creativity and energy available to you in your life. 

In this workshop, consisting of group discussion, lecture, and guided meditation, we will work the psychic energy in our own spaces and awareness to create a year full of magic ahead. Whether you want to re-imagine your daily routines, move out of an unwanted situation, end old relationships and agreements, complete an unresolved issue, focus your creativity more clearly, Start an artistic or entrepenuerial endeavor, or manifest love and abundance, this workshop can help you move into a new year with energy, inspiration and focus.

This workshop is open to everyone, regardless of experience with meditation or psychic energy tools.