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The Running Energy Online Workshop

The Running Energy Online Workshop
Sunday, February 26th
1:00pm - 3:00pm, Online, $30
Taught by Kris Cahill

Anyone who has taken the Psychic Meditation Class was taught how to heal themselves using the meditation technique of running energy.

The Running energy meditation is one of the most profound healing tools you can use. Running energy daily helps you create more health and well being, and have your space more easily during times of rapid growth and expansion.

Running energy as a technique helps you access your psychic abilities on every level, and also have your space with being psychic, and aware of energy in the world around you. 

Over time, energy that isn't yours can collect in your running energy space and make it more difficult to sit down and run your energy daily. When you go through a time of new growth and change, your psychic tools may need to be updated and upgraded.

If you regularly run into resistance, unconsciousness, and fear about running energy, this workshop will help you clean out what isn't yours and re-own your own information about running earth and cosmic energy.

It's also a great chance to get a refresher on the technique, perhaps from a new perspective that provides additional insights and information about the tool. 

This is a psychic meditation workshop created and taught online by Kris Cahill. It is appropriate for anyone who has taken Psychic Meditation, including students and graduates of Clairvoyant Trainings.