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Men’s Energy Workshop - Making Magic - Online

Men’s Energy Workshop - Making Magic

Some say that men aren’t as psychic as women, and that’s not true at all. Men are sensitive to energy differently than women, and express their sensitivities and awarenesses in ways which are often misunderstood and misrepresented in modern culture.

Come join this group workshop about being a man, being psychic, and having your own personal magic on and active in your life! There will be guided meditation, conversation, and healing around what it is to be a sensitive and energy aware man today, from a psychic perspective.

At the Portland Psychic School, exploring your awareness to energy is not strange, spooky, or weird. We are a committed group of seekers who are cultivating awareness around our own psychic abilities, and how they make us more passionate, more creative, and more engaged in the world around us.

This workshop is 2 hours long and $35 to attend. Please sign up in advance using the button below.

Everyone is welcome regardless of experience.

  • Sunday, February 12th 3pm-5pm at the Portland Psychic School
  • Sunday, February 12th 6pm-8pm online via webcam