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Healing The Warrior - A Meditation Workshop for Men in Portland


Thursday, November 2nd
7:00pm - 9:00pm at PPS
Taught by William Pacholski
Open to Everyone

No matter what your chosen path, you possess within you the archetype of the warrior. In business, in art, even in your personal life, you spend a great amount of your energy fighting to create what you need and what you want. In fact, most of your day is spent fighting. You've been fighting your whole life. Now is the time to take a step out of whatever you've been fighting and heal, evaluate, and find your balance. You’ve gotten to this point; now is the time to set the course for the rest of your journey. 

Native American traditions have long understood that helping warriors heal emotionally and spiritually is key to maintaining a healthy society. Within many communities, tradition bearers continue to use ceremonies, prayers, and sacred objects to help returning warriors reintegrate into society, reconnect with the natural world, and cope with the guilt, shame, and fears they bring home with them. As a man in the world, you are constantly fighting to create what you want and need. Do you take time for yourself to heal from these battles you fight every day?

Instead of prayer and ceremony, we will use guided meditation and psychic energy work and reclaim what energy you lose every day in your various battles, to return to wholeness and vitality as you step forward toward healing, new goals, and new measures of success. 

There will be a mix of discussion, lecture, and guided meditations on the topic of being a warrior, finding and securing your path, and self-healing. You will learn tools and techniques you can use every day to heal yourself. This workshop is appropriate for all men, regardless of age, experience, or prior meditation and healing work.