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Graduate Reading Practice Exchange (Online)


ONLINE via Webcam
October 17th and 31st
With Ryan Fukuda

As graduates of a Clairvoyant Training, there are times when you might meditate hours upon hours to see something clearly or find your own answer, yet you still might find you have a blind spot. As you may have experienced in your previous training or reading exchanges, there’s nothing in the world quite like a spiritual hello as a way to help you see things with a little more clarity from a psychic who has their space, and vice versa. This is where having a community of clairvoyants to read with comes in handy.

The Graduate-Level Clairvoyant Reading Practice is a monthly experience designed to bring your clairvoyant reading space and tools into present time. This online practice series will give you the opportunity to read with other clairvoyant graduates from an approved clairvoyant training to help you look at and refine your personal goals and mockups as a reader, or in your life. 

Each month consists of two reading sessions that will focus on a clairvoyant concept or tool. Whether you want to continue enhancing your clairvoyant technique, refresh your tools or create space to build your own professional practice, these interactive sessions will be a fun way to explore your space and your next steps with a validating community of other clairvoyants.

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Next Enrollment: October 17 & 31
November 14 & 28
2018 Dates TBD