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Clairvoyance : The Art of the Seer - An ONLINE Workshop



In this unique, free workshop we will discuss the upcoming 2017 Clairvoyant Training at the Portland Psychic School! We'll talk through what to expect in the training, as well as give you some samples of how the curriculum works and even have you reading some energy yourself!

This training is an intensive guided practice on the psychic ability to "read" energy, Clairvoyance. Clairvoyance is not the only psychic ability, but it is a powerful one - one that affords those who practice it tools of clarity and discernment in relationship to the energies at play both the world around them - and within themselves. 

The Clairvoyant Training does not make you psychic. You already are! But this training creates a safe space and a structured path towards becoming confident in your ability to see energy Clairvoyantly. At the end of this training, you will be able to read energy accurately - and this skill can be applied to every facet of your life. Your career, personal health, relationships, friendships, and your own spiritual journey may all be transformed by your mastery of clairvoyance. 

This training allows you to learn tools to give your gift of seeing to others in a healthy, affirming, and life-enhancing way. Some people graduate this training and never give a professional reading - because at its heart, Clairvoyance is about so much more than being able to read others. The fun is deciding how you will apply this art and skill to your own creativity, passions, and life experience. 

Whatever your goals are in life, Clairvoyance is a vital, relevant and exciting tool to have in your toolkit. The training is composed of weekly classes and self-selected practicum opportunities. 

This training is taught in two parts, with a month long break in between. Each part is 22 weekly classes. It is available at the school in Portland and online via webcam as a live video class. 

At this workshop we will be giving sample readings and some participants may even get a chance to try reading someone themselves! It's a lot of fun and there's always a lot of laughter and goofiness when you open up your psychic awareness. Who knows what you will see!

Monday, November 28th,
Portland Psychic School ONLINE Classroom
(Weblink provided a few days prior to the workshop)
Cost: Free